Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Elections were held in Nigeria last week which were judged by international observers as fair which is unusual in an African state.
This however did not stop rioting and bloodshed.
Because the North of the country is muslim and the South is Christian and the winner the strangely named Goodluck Jonathan was named the president.

In spite of his name he has the badluck of having a muslim population in the North of his country which does not believe in democracy and when they lose an election resort to violence.

It is Goodluck's badluck that although fairly elected his country has a large minority of muslims who do not believe in the rule of law or democracy.

What has this got to do with us? you may ask.

Well it illustrates the danger when muslims meet with non muslims in one country and the former's violence in the promotion of their aims.

Yes well that is Africa you may well say, and so it is but muslims are the same the world over, always aggressive and not amenable to the non muslim rule of law.

This is a scenario we will face before long if we allow this alien medieval cult to expand in our country.
We must halt ALL MUSLIM IMMIGRATION into our country now and curtail the activities of those already here.

The trouble in the Ivory Coast has a similar cause, muslim violence against non muslims.

Wherever in the world from Asia to Africa the devotees of this evil cult impinge on the other moderate and more civilised people there is trouble.

We must avoid the badluck that Goodluck has to put up with in his own country.

So I wish you luck Goodluck in your fight against barbarism and hope you can snuff this evil cancer from your land, and I hope our government can see the dangers of the same happening here.

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