Monday, 18 April 2011


The news last week that the nationalist True Finns party gained 29% of the vote in their country gives the nationalists of Europe cause for hope.

The Finns, a brave country who have suffered and repelled invaders, notably the Soviet Union have once again shown their independence and their wish for freedom and the good nationalist vote in that country is putting strains on the European superstate.

One can understand these brave people who have so bravely protected their country over the years and built up great shipbuilding and electronics industries without the "benefits" of diversity in a harsh climate.
They have fought and suffered for their freedom and built their industries and asked for nothing but the right to run their country as they wish.

This people is composed of patriots, and having fought for freedom will not give it up lightly.

Other European countries such as Denmark and Holland are also embracing the nationalist cause, seeing that the EU is Communism or Naziism lite as yet.

Our leaders still occasionally talk the talk but will not walk the walk and continue to appease the EU and allow hordes of aliens into our country against the wishes of the people.
Even the supposedly "patriotic" UKIP has newly arrived Sri Lankan to leaflet for them, a sure demonstration that they are just a safety valve for disaffected Tories.

What is wrong with our people?

Perhaps we haqve not suffered enough to value our nation and its culture as the Finns and Danes have.

BUT ask people in the street whether they agree with the policies of the BNP and over 50% say they do BUT THEY DON'T VOTE FOR US.


One reason of course is apathy. I'm alright Jack, for now and they can not see the impending economic and demographic catastrophe.

Another reason is the continuous vilification of our party by the capitalist controlled media who see us as a threat to their globalist agenda which would see the people as units of production or consumption in "the post democratic society", not my words but those of Peter Mandelson.

However possibly an even bigger reason is us, our party which has not capitalised on the growing discontent of the people.

The British National Party has been run inefficiently both financially and structurally. It's no good having good policies if they are not put in a way that resonates with the public.

It's no good having a party with a structure so shambolic that no one knows who is doing what and good and senior members are sacked for asking questions and those financial questions are not answered.
In effect the party is inefficient in finance and structure.

HOWEVER the main fault with the Party is that it is not democratic and the leader has so much power that no one dare question it.

Nick Griffin has done a lot for the BNP and worked but no one is perfect and he has made some howling mistakes which have set back our cause.
He has become a liability and many people, although they agree with our policies will not support us while he is leader.

He has too much baggage and although many on the Left have similar and worse baggage in the political climate we must have a leader who is squeaky clean. That is the nature of politics in Britain now, and we and he has to accept that, unjust though it is.
If he really believes in Nationalism he should step down and we would thank him for that.
If he decides to remain as leader and contests the next challenge he will show he cares more about himself than the cause.

There are many good people who could take his place or could develop into leaders but such is the dictatorship of the present setup they dare not put their heads above the parapet or they risk expulsion.

WE need a new leader and one will emerge.
Even more we need unity, to put past differences behind us and work together for the sake of our country and future.
We need to keep our membership in the Party or we will not have the chance to elect a new and even better leader, untainted by past indiscretions. Small splinter parties will achieve nothing.

ABOVE ALL we need honesty. Nationalism is on the rise all over Europe and we need to ask "why is it not rising here"?

If we can not be honest with ourselves and realise our own weaknesses and shortcomings we will fail to progress as patriots in other countries have.

AND WE WILL NOT DESERVE TO for if we can not run a party efficiently when the people are crying out for a voice-- how will we ever be fit to run a country?


Cicero said...

"If we can not be honest with ourselves and realise our own weaknesses and shortcomings we will fail"

Thats your problem you dont. Image is everything. It's how you are percieved by joe public thats more important than policies. The EDL have not learned a fig. They are now automatically described by the media as a far right wing party of which as far as I know are neither far right or a party.

If all you do is go around demonstrating and shouting a lot then thats how you will be seen... a bunch of trouble makers. None of the major political parties do it so that must be a clue.

Anonymous said...

They gained 19% not 29%

the doctor said...

I regret that a re-branding or new leadership will not lead to people voting for the BNP , I regret that it has too much of an image problem . Could I suggest that I would support an English National Party ,possibly led by Mr. Brons and with yourself and Sir Henry on the executive .

Anonymous said...

I read your article with interest but it is not clear to me what some of the points you make actually mean.
If you would allow me I will digress for a while and study how the BNP appeals to people.
Success is infectious.It spreads quickly.To those dedicated to the cause it gives enthusiasm to preserve and redouble their efforts.
These are not my words but chairman of the BNP John Tyndall after the party won it's first coucil seat in Tower Hamlets in 1993.His words were not taken seriously at the time the view being that it was a one off.
Historians at that time did'nt have a view based on the BNP were a recent phenomena and had little history to examine.
At this present time I would think that few historians would agree with that view.The BNP have won many council seats across the country and including two MEP's.
The party are now by far the most popular far right wing party in british history having successfully appealed to voters on issues like race/culture/multiculturism problems.
The party's appeal lies in it's ability to attract people as diverse as pensioners,students,and also from the other mainstream parties.
Over the years the BNP have progressed from having a certain image vigorously promoted by the MSM to being a party that is gaining support.
Anyway I've digressed enough.
Although I am a BNP supporter I am not privy to what the internal politics that would appear to be going on are.
What I read on the BMP site daily seem to indicate enthusiasm from many areas across the country and I don't see anything wrong in that.
Relative to Mr Griffin he is not the party or are you saying he is ruling by diktat.
As for finances I would have thought that these are accounted for and audited in a proper manner.
Leadership is via all members having a vote on the members who put themselves forward as candidates,or am I mistaken.
Finally thanks for bearing with me and my digression,but I do think that the party will continue to grow support because of what people will think of the coming hard times.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what the srtuctural and organisational shortcomings of the BNP may be - if any. However, nationalists really should not delude themselves that any party that promotes ethno-nationalism would EVER not be subject to systematic villification by the media and anti-British political parties. Frankly, I don't see anyone in the BNP who has Griffin's intellect and who wants to take on the job of leader. I think that ex-UKIP Andrew Moffat would be an effective relpacement for Griffin eventually. I think that the BNP has suffered from not combatting the smears - in particular the aburd 'fascist' label , as this deterrs the voters who sympathise with the BNP from voting for it far more than the 'racist' one does. Also, BNP election literature has been tame and lame and should have made more of a case for ethno-nationalism and highlighted the betrayal of the Lab,Con-Dems. It should educate and agitate the voters rather than just show pictures of smiling people and little else. We have to weather these difficult times and stand our ground.Only we nationalists care enough right now to save Britain. I have complete contempt for splitters and wreckers. Constructive criticism yes,not futile splinter groups. Do discontented members of other parties set up splinter groups? NO!