Thursday, 21 April 2011

European arrest warrant - and how the EU goes about its undemocratic ways.



Anonymous said...

Hottest Easter for over a 100 years.

Coldest UK Winter in 30 years.

Summer 2010-11 in Australian was the hottest on record.

These are all local weather events and, taken individually, tell us nothing about the world's climate.

So please stop trying to use a localised cold spell (such as we had last winter in the UK) to deny the truth of climate change.

Andyj said...

Just wait 'til next year where the Sun is expected to really blow hard!

No doubt those in power will use it for their own preconceived ends.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

What we deny the truth of is not 'climate change'. There has always been and always will be, climate change. What we deny the truth of - on the lack of hard evidence and crooked statistcs currently displayed, is ATHROPOGENIC climate change. I do anyway.

Andyjo said...

Sir Henry

Apolgies for contradicting you but it seems you have already accepted the new meme....

It was never anthropogenic climate CHANGE used to be anthropogenic global WARMING..

See how easy it is to condition something?

Anonymous said...

Completely O/T.
Where has this blog gone to?, nothing for days now just what is happening?.
As a for instance our favourite MP (NOT)Ms Nandy is reported as saying I became Liebour after witnessing the damage done by the Thatcher government.
Tell me Ms Nandy since you were born in the year Thatcher was elected as PM and then she was deposed as PM circa 11 years later,just what was it that you witnessed from pram to 11 years old?.
I rather think that you formulated your views much later on via whatever socialist indoctrination that was prelevant at that time.
IMHO Ms Nandy relative to the people of this town of WIGAN you are nothing but a planted blow in looking for an easy ride for life,you and your companion in arms Fovergue are taking advantage of this good area of Lancashire to try and spread your vitriol.
Hopefully you and your partener in crime will not suceed and the good people of WIGAN will cotton onto what is being done by you lot to undermine their aspirations and values.
Walk around the town NANDY and FOVERGUE and ask real people what they think about what is going on and I suspect that if you don't tell them who you are you will get a lot of answers that you would'nt expect.
Will you do this?,I expect that you will not,because you two are cowards and are not interested in the real truth.
I challenge both of you now,prove me wrong.