Monday, 7 March 2011


 This applies to the UK too. A well-disciplined party militia would be handy.

When will they ever learn that creating money out of thin air and running astronomical deficits that never will be repaid with normal money leads to the road of total ruin? When will they ever learn? The very sad answer is that they won’t and therefore they are leading the world into a hyperinflationary depression that will have uncontrollable and cataclysmic consequences for current and future generations.

Empty stomachs are rioting

We have for years warned about hyperinflation leading to famine, misery and social unrest. Well, this is exactly what is happening in many parts of the world. The protests and overthrowing of regimes in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya are primarily due to a major part of the peoples of these nations having no job, no money and little food. It is their empty stomachs that are rioting. In addition they are protesting against the leaders of these countries stealing from the people.
It is virtually certain that these riots will spread to many countries in the Middle East, Africa and the developing world. This will lead to new regimes and new political orders that could either be far left or far right politically or religious extremists. But the new regimes will not be in a position to change the root of the problem which is famine and poverty.  In Egypt for example there has been a quiet military coup. It is unlikely that a democratic regime will take over from the military. So the people will protest again and again. And this will be the same in most countries. Eventually the people will take the law into their own hands since no regime will be able to give them the food that they need.

The hyperinflationary deluge is imminent

Although food and fuel inflation is rampant worldwide already, we are only seeing the very beginning. Massive oil price rises are likely to continue as a result of the geopolitical situation as well as peak-oil. The Middle East is a time bomb waiting to go off. Israel is in an extremely precarious position and the involvement or non-involvement of the US in this conflict would both have dire consequences for Israel and peace in the world. Food prices will continue to rise dramatically. Major parts of the world are living below the poverty line today and this will increase exponentially.
The lethal concoction of rising food and fuel prices is already affecting the Western world. The Continuous Commodity Index – CCI, (60% food, 17% energy and 23% metals) has almost doubled since the low in early 2009 and has gone up 42% in the last 12 months. The almost vertical rise of the CCI is one of the best indicators of hyperinflation being imminent. A catastrophe of astronomical proportions is looming. This will hit the world at a time when there is no capacity whatsoever to take any real measures that could alleviate the problems.

Read it all, very carefully.

It's all, ultimately, to do with population growth. More people wanting more stuff.
A good food stash would be handy, as would a decent gun and a defendable neighbourhood . I've got myself a year's food stash (as anyone who has looked in my cupboards will confirm), but not a decent battle-rifle (a FN would be ideal) or a defendable neighbourhood. Fortunately, I'll probably die before I need them (looking forward to death - how's that for optimism eh?)



Lanky Patriot said...

A good article Morg and I agree with all of it.
I have never trusted money and my assets are in things.
I bought a few Norwegian kroner a couple of months back and they asked at the bank when I was going ther. They were bemused when I told them we were not.

It's too alte to buy gold now but I have advised my kids to buy things and not trust pensions as in 30 years time the money will not be ther.
But the biggest danger which will come quickly is food. I thought I had that sorted.
I have fuel, water and land and only lack electricity.
I had planned self sufficiency a long time ago as I thought I could grow my food but forgot that I would get too old to do it.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

This too is worth reading - it says America, but it might as well be here::

Lanky Patriot said...

Sorry for the spelling mistakes.
Must proof read them before I post

Silly Kuffar said...

Food prices are just going to continu rising.
Last year Russia lost at least 1/3 of it's grain crop and has stopped selling what they have left.
The Floods in Australia drowned how many millions of acres of Arable and Livestock land, the Americans have had Droughts and floods affecting their ability to supply food into the global network and WE have put our farming land into set-aside or for Oilseed Rape, whilst at the same time allowing over 5 million Immigrants who HATE US into our country.
WE will have our revenge on the whole hierachy of the Labour party, the Conservatives and the Limp dems.
When people can't afford food or are queing up to buy limited stocks of food in a similar situation as Soviet Russia.
It has already started here as the Price of Food, Petrol/Diesel, Electricity and Gas are already rising.
They are saying that in the coming months a loaf of bread will cost £2.00, but for how long before it rises to £3.00 or £4.00....?