Monday, 7 March 2011


The resignation of Arthur Kemp is a body blow for the BNP members.

Arthur was one of our best speakers and a large audience was guaranteed when he did speak.

He states his resignation was for financial reasons(he had not been paid). I do know when he spoke at our meetings he only requested petrol money.
Had he remained he would have been a force for the good in the party.

At the last conference he had a plan to democratise the running of the organisation and avoid the needless man traps we have fallen into.

I was disconcerted by Clive Jefferson's attempt to rubbish the plans which were endorsed by Andrew Brons. There was only a lulewarm acceptance of them by Nick Griffin.

How many inspirational speakers has the Party got now with Arthur's resignation?
Nick may be inspirational but he has too much baggage and is a hinderance to our progress.

How do I know this? We are told by potential voters "I agree with your policies but will not vote for you with Nick Griffin as leader"
Other inspirational speakers such as Jonathan Bowden and James Whittall are no longer with us.

We need people of quality with no "baggage" to inspire people to support us. Yes I know all about the Communist past of the Labour leaders but the press always ignores this as they have the same anti British agenda.
We, more than any other party must have leaders who are squeaky clean or they will jump on us.

We need to engage in issues which immediately matter to people. Everyone knows we are anti immigration, but how many know that our policies would prevent many of the cuts and rising unemployment which we are now facing?
In other words we need to concentrate on "economic nationalism" and refrain from ethno nationalism which is perceived as racist or civic nationalism which is no nationalism at all.

Basically economic nationalism is making sure our money is spent on us and in the national interests rather than squandered in aid to foreign dictators, foreign wars and given to greedy bankers. It means ploughing money into British industry to make it competitive, good apprenticeships to enable our young people to do USEFUL jobs rather than saddle them with debts after obtaining a worthless degree.

It needs to get rid of the equality legislation in society and PC "education in schools" with proper discipline.

We need a national bank run by the government to furnish cheap loans to industry and a cut in non jobs in local and national government.

The turmoil in the Middle East shows how quickly events can change when poverty and massive unemployment happens. We forget that we have only staved of scenarios like these by borrowing money which supposedly has to be repaid.
The oil is running out and food production depends on oil for fertiliser, power and transport. It will become more expensive. That will mean more than paying more to fill your tank up.

It will mean STARVATION in our overcrowded country ( a valid reason for stopping immigration ie economic nationalism)

The world as a whole faces severe problems. The job of any British government is to forecast and mitigate these problems for our people, not do as they are at present doing put our industrial and domestic power costs in the Global warming scam, nor to allow foreign countries to take control of our remaining industries.
Who who had our countries interests at heart could disagree with those policies?

THESE ARE BNP POLICIES. We must get them across to the public, and quickly.

BUT, first we must put our own house in order, for if we are seen to be incapable of running a small political party, how will people trust us to run a country?
Where to start?

A root and branch clear out of the higher party hierarchy and revamp the party, preferably under the same banner, but if they will not go a new nationalist party must be created with the same policies but with different emphasis which will unite all true Brits.

I have no doubt that such a party will arise very soon, preferably with the BNP name if we can or some similar name.

Let us get on with this urgent task now.
To paraphrase in a message to the leaders.

In the name of God go AN SOON if you really do believe in our country and people.


Sir Henry Morgan said...

Jonathan Bowden is the most inspirational speaker I've ever listened to.

Anonymous said...

We will get large numbers of votes once it is clear the economy is collapsing irretrievably and not before. Nationalism thrives when there is poverty and eventually most will back us whatever our policies or who is in charge.

Anonymous said...

I have heard that Jonathan Bowden is in a mental hospital at the moment.Rumour has it that he was arrested by the police for carrying a sword in a public place'as he thought his life was in danger from some of Griffins hired thugs.I don't know if this information is 100%correct or not.As for Kemp'just how many people does Griffin owe money to.I think the BNP will be shut down before long. So we might have to start all over a gain.Keep up the good work in Wigan.

Andyj said...

Nationalist gaining large numbers of votes when the poo flits off the fans blades? The paid liars already have a plan for that to frighten the sheeple off.

I can't buy into the mental hospital, sword and Griffins gang thing one bit.
The rift with NG was way back in 2007 and since he has said many speeches in and for the BNP without being a member I cannot see the join.

There are other Jonathan Bowden's around, including murderers and constant inmates of HMP..

It's been common knowledge the BNP has been earmarked for destruction for years now. But one "National Fronter" once said, BNP membership is like filling a bath, without a plug.

Anonymous said...

I do not think Arthur is resigning because he wanted to get paid. All he said on this matter is "As you might (k)now, I have not been on any payroll, nor subject to any contract, and thus have no notice period to work out."
This simply was to point out that he could leave immediately and not have to give notice and then wait.
I do wish Arthur would say something to clear up speculation on what made him leave. After all, if it is not the case that he is upset about something in the party he could always reassure us on that in one sentence.

Anonymous said...

As I said I don't know if the Jonathan Bowden story is correct or not.He is a fantastic speaker.But the story comes for a quite reliable nationalist source.The north west region of the BNP has been under the cosh for over seven years now'Here is a short list of people who supported Griffin's leadership bid in 1999.and have left the party for other groups.or packed in.Mark Cotterill'former chairman of the American friends of the BNP he raised money for the BNP when he lived in the U S A'now chairman of the England First Party'Chris Jackson supported Griffin back in 1999'he soon saw through Griffin but stayed in the BNP till last year'now in the NF'Peter Rushton'kicked out by Griffin in 2002'Griffin accused him of being a searchlight agent'(and yet it was Griffin who appointed Andy Sykes as Bradford organiser Sykes was a spy along with Jason Gywn who was a undercover reporter.)Rushton is no spy as I have know him very well' he is a excellent speaker and a gentleman.The real reason Griffin kicked him out was that peter was a very good friend of former leader John Tyndall.Kev Bryant'former Rochdale BNP organiser'he left the BNP and is now deputy chairman of the NF. The list is endless'Sharron Edwards' Griffins first deputy chairman kicked out for asking questions about were the party's money was going'this was back in 2000'her husband Steve former west Midlands organiser kicked out for being married to the former'Stuart Russell(aka Doctor Phil Edwards)I think he just left the party.Remember if you not loyal to Nick' he will find a way to kick you out.

Lanky Patriot said...

I will always be loyal to the concept of British nationalism which I thought was embodied in the BNP.
I still hope it can be resurrected under a new cleaner organisation.
Many people are giving up, disgusted with the way things are being run and former friends are being converted into enemies.
I want us all to unite and bring all the strands of nationalism together.
If as I probably will be be expelled , not for criticising the policies but the management then for that management the s**t will really hit the fan.
Some just give up but I am not like that, I will and CAN hit back.

BUT I will never betray the good hard working activists who HAVE been betrayed, even those who like me have been so slow to realise it and still believe in the leadership.
I have given time and money to our cause and I will not willingly see it destroyed by bad management or State assets.

Be warned.

Andyj said...

Then I will stick with you. We stand as one. I know you are all fine peeps who's whole moral premise and beliefs is same as mine. Remove one person and the whole town is dropped from a certain political map until common sense prevails... They will know the implications.

With Arthur stepping down. What did his local lads say about it?

Anonymous said...

Stop washing dirty linin, in public, on a open Blog site !

For God's sake STOP IT, the only
persons to benefit from this in fighting is the enemy, Arther has issues with the mrs, kemp, janine, Bowden is a Tory, lets stop this, the enemy are reading and clapping their hands, Nick is one true Patriot, he cannot, be everthing, to all. Does Loyalty and trust not mean anything, ? Stop, think,
why all this bitching, terrrible.

Anonymous said...

How interesting, so many anon, comments, stiring the pot, most what they post is well published on anti BNP Blogs, trying to stir and bring doubt into a decent Branch.

Anyone, who hears Arther Kemp, Simon Derby or Nick Griffin, try and tell me they are NOT genuine.

You cannot.

Lanky Patriot said...

Loyalty is important but like racism cuts both ways.
I will always be loyal to the British National Party but can not remain silent at the destructive aspect and actions of the "leadership"

Perhaps I know more than you know or would like me to know

Anonymous said...

But the instruction not to wash dirty washing in piblic, is exactly how Griffin has got away with being a dictator for so long. Griffin uses it to deny the membership any knowlege of the problems (which are mostly caused by Griffin anyway) within the party.

When Griffin (or one of his henchmen) say don't rock the boat, they mean keep the grassroots members in the dark, so we can continue doing what we'are doing ie fleecing the membership.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

I left the BNP in 2006 disgusted with Griffin's running of the party. I am now a member of the England First Party'OK it's a small party but at least things are done in the correct manner .IE getting the party's accounts in on time.I feel for Charles as he has worked hard for the BNP and as he says he has put time and money into the party.Local branch's should look after their own funds.Have you noticed that Griffin is always asking for money from members.Why doe's he not start putting his hand in his own pocket for once.

Anonymous said...

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