Monday, 7 March 2011


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Watch the Video clip and read the article. People who do not follow or support any of the Lib/Lab/Con political parties are standing together united in a fight for OUR COUNTRY and against the TREASON that has been commited to OUR COUNTRY and OUR PEOPLE.

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Well done to those who are brave enough to stand up and fight against the state peacefully.

And have a quick look at the Court Room Chaos


Andyj said...

The man on the bench runs this: and a full write-up is here:

If anyone wants something more "grass roots", defects or is removed from the BNP. I'd suggest consider joining. I think the issue of our laws is the most important, pivotal issue for our self determination and making what is wrong in Britain, right.

It was heartening to see our Peter T and a couple of others in the thick of it once again; holding the accused so they could not unlawfully drag him away.

Anonymous said...

This issue makes you think just what common law is all about.
For your info go onto Old Holborns site and you will see another up and coming example of another guy called Olly Cromwell who is also going to take on his local council Bexhill re not paying his council tax based on common law amongst other issues.
Very interesting reading I thought and shows you how councils want to conduct their affairs in secrecy were they can con people and get away with it.