Sunday, 9 January 2011


Well I thought at least one of you would have worked it out.



Though I would have taken Mohammedan, Muslim,Islamist.

The point being that no-where in the article was a mention of the word ISLAM.
There were mentions of RACE such as Asian Terrorists, but not all Asians want to Blow people to bits in the name of GOD.
Next time you read news articles which are specific to Mohammedans/Islamists count how many times the words are used in the articles.
The MEDIA are trying to deny to the true identities of the ENEMY WITHIN by calling them ASIANS, though Asian they may be it is not because of their Race they attack us.


Anonymous said...

look at this dr oakes

Anonymous said...

Well I must admit that I for one did'nt connect with what you were saying.
Yes I agree to tar all asians with the same brush as the radical islamists would be entirely doing an injustice to millions of people.
Now you come to mention it I do see many examples of the media being loathe to mention the word Islam in negative terms unless they are forced due to circumstances to refer to it.
Regarding our media,do you not think they work to an agenda as dictated by their employers or unions,they are part of the establishment and as such cannot be relied upon to report anything which is alien to their employers.
What concerns me most though is,you and I know were we are coming from,but how the hell do we get this message across to a majority of people who are being sold down the river big time.
The government supported by the media which is their only means of communicating with the masses nseem to have it stitched up to their advantage.
My opinion is we really need to take advantage in any way possible to use the internet to inform as many people as possible as to what is being done in their name.

Andyj said...

The Chinese et al should be up in arms over the cancer that calls themselves "Asian". It is purely racist and divisive against the true Asian.

They are indo-europids.