Sunday, 9 January 2011


The news that our BNP candidate was ejected from a hustings in Oldham on the instructions of the Labour Party shows their contempt for democracy.

This is the party remember whose candidate and sitting MP's illegal actions in the elections last year resulted in him being disqualified from office precipitating this bi election.
The Greens and UKIP, both parties which we beat in 2010 were allowed to remain.
A hustings with certain parties excluded is not a true hustings and I am doubtful of the legality of it.
What does this action demonstrate?

First that the Labour Party is a Stalinist organisation which can not tolerate meaningful dissent.
Secondly the fact that the other parties did not walk out in a protest at this attack on the democratic process shows their contempt for that process, that they are all the same and that elections in this country are becoming a sham with all the other parties in each other's pockets.

Why, if our policies are so terrible was our candidate not allowed to be put to the test by being publicly questioned?
If not up to it the audience could have torn him to pieces.
The most likely answer is that Derek's answers would have resonated with the audience and that is what they fear.

A no platform policy is a sign of lack in confidence of those imposing it. "I will not debate with you" means "I am afraid to debate with you"

These anti democratic tactics will not in future be allowed to succeed.

In future we should adopt the tactics that our Wigan stalwarts did when excluded from a hustings. They sat in the audience and asked the panel why they had adopted this undemocratic tactic.

Sometimes it can be better to be in the audience throwing questions at the panel. That way you have the initiative and the surprise element and the pleasure in the discomfort of the nonentities on the panel and expose their hypocrisy.

So well done Derek. You have exposed these anti British bastards for the people of straw they are and we will learn from you experience.

Watch out members of the members of the other parties.
There are more ways than one of skinning a cat and we will use them.

Our time will come and we will not forget you.


kenhas505 said...

lets hope the people of oldham come to thier senses after seeing this deplorable bolshi style action in a supposidly democratic country.
i am sure the police actions were illegal.

Silly Kuffar said...

Derek Adams and the British national party should be banging on the door of the EHRC this morning demanding they take action against this DISCRIMINATION.

truthonly said...

Straw is behind this for sure.

The Strawinskis:

His Son -

..... and his Father Was Imprisoned During The War For Refusing To Fight The
Nazis ......

McKinstry -

Straw: Filthy little backstabbing traitorous scumbag!

Andyj said...

Sure it was illegal. I have no idea why the police foisted this upon him instead of arresting and taking in for psychological assessment of the trouble causing little weasel at the far left.

I hope the people realise this and the consequences of people with that mindset vying for power. Not to mention those who did not stand up for him on the podium. Who'd vote for a political "yes" man and a wimp?

One person is was chatting to in the game and in the know told me our system is corrupt to the core on every level.