Saturday, 8 January 2011


Nick giving one of many interviews.

Today in Oldham the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY held an amazing and extremely well attended Demo in relation to the Muslim Grooming of our INDIGENOUS FEMALE CHILDREN.

Five members of Wigans BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY were in Oldham this morning, meeting up at the arranged RV there was time to say hello to Old and New Patriotic friends alike before we travelled en-masse into Oldham town centre to begin our Demonstration.

I have included pics off the main BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY SITE as we were all too busy handing out leaflets, protesting with banners and engaging the eager and interested Public in conversation about our Demo to take time out tkae photos.
An error which hopefully will not occur again.

Just some of the Activists who came from Far and Wide.

The new Leaflets which were specific to the Anti-Muslim Paedophillic Grooming of OUR CHILDREN were Hard Hitting but that's what is needed to EXPOSE the TRUTH.

Today was a well organised and hard hitting Demonstration which received great public support. Well done BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY.

Thanks to All the Activists from around the country for making Today a resounding success and a Special thanks to the FANTASTIC EFFORT from WIGAN BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY MEMBERS for their support, THANK YOU.

I look forward to further well attended and well organised Demonstrations by the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY and last but not least -



truthonly said...

It is clear that a massive muslim paedophile industry network is operating in Britain, and with the full support, collusion and and involvement of the LibLabCon.
It is also clear that the marxist LibLabCon is mired in a paedophile
industry network itself.

It is easy now to demonstrate the link between the muslim and LibLabCon paedophile industry network.
This is what must now be done, so that the British public finally wake up to the evil and cruelty of the LibLabCon's program of degeneracy, treason and genocide.

All the required information, dossiers and data is available.

The LibLabCon are terrified of these revelations and have no response or means of denial to such an initiative, which would bring about a devastating tidal wave of horror, disgust and rebellion against the LibLabCon, an opening up and exposure of all the other crimes perpetrated against our race and nation and perhaps even a critically overwhelming surge of support for the nationalist cause.

Strike while the iron is hot!

Shropshire Patriot said...

We all need to stand together.
With you all the way -

Andyj said...

Driving home this night.
It's amazing when one listens to the radio as its announced. One MP says something.... All of a sudden one after another pops out of the woodwork and states its in their constituency too...

To me, it implies they knew, and done nothing about it.

The media does go to pains admitting that its every bad with white men but exclude the fact that 'we' outnumber this lot by over 20:1

The Nat. stats are: 50/54? With the populace figures used to correct these figures, its over 20x worse with muslim grooming than some fiddling nonce.

What really galls me is this is a NATIONAL DISGRACE not one town but EVERYWHERE!

Jack'd Ripp'd said...

Well done Nationalists, keep pressing the point. The more the Meeja and it's allies squirm, the better.

They can fool some of the people...

.. but it is getting harder 'n' harder for the appeasers and apologists to coerce true-blooded Britons.

Take heart, we will overcome and prosper;

“The English never yield, and though driven back and thrown into confusion, they always return to the fight, thirsting for vengeance as long as they have breath for life” ~ Giovanni Mocenigo

Anonymous said...

Islam as a religion is a joke on English values,we are a million miles from their doctrine.
This religion is archaic and as such should be treated as a remmnant of a bygone culture that has no place in a modern society.
In fact if Islam had not had the power of oil we would have been rid of this oppressive regime long ago.