Friday, 7 January 2011


I'm not sorry that David Chaytor has been jailed.

This lieing toad if I remember correctly made an untrue allegation that his office in Bury had been attacked by a BNP member in an effort to boost his credibility and slag our party off.

Also remember that Nick Griffin faced seven years in jail for stating facts about muslim grooming of white girls, facts which have been proved recently by police statistics and published in the press. He thus face jail for stating the truth.

Chaytor sought to have his misdeeds protected by "Parliamentary privelidge"in an attempt to get away with his fraud.
Parliamentary privelidge is in place to protect and enable MPs to state facts in Parliament without the threat of being sued, not to absolve criminal activities outside, and he must have known it. It was just another attempt or scam to avoid his just deserts.

I don't know whether others are in the firing line for this kind of fraud but I believe horse faced Elliot Morley has questions to answer.
Morley is an MP I hate more than most.
When he was in charge of agriculture he screwed the farmers while illegally feathering his own nest and I hope he will be soon a guest of Her Majesty.

What I can not understand is why many others in all the major parties are not prosecuted in view of the revelations about moat cleaning, duck houses, wisteria removal etc not to mention "cab for hire"Hoon.
Our ex MP Neil Turner took a South Pacific jolly to "study global warming" and promptly retired from politics on his return, thus losing any influence he may have had.

Civil servants from the top down are notorious for the junkets in which they readily indulge themselves before taking retirement on enhanced pensions. Corruption with backhanders is endemic in local government as indicated by Marlene Guest in her talk last year.

I suppose it is human nature to try and bend rules but these are people we put in place to protect our interests. They should be whiter than white (no pun intended), and incorruptible.
The actions of these fraudsters are equivalent to those of a bent cop, and when found out the punishment should be exceptionally severe if trust is ever to be regained in the political system.

Remember people have been imprisoned for far less crimes such as non payment of council taxes or even not sending children to school, not to mention inviting aliens who denigrate our country to go home.

So Mr Chaytor. I hope you enjooy your porridge, not, and hope many more of your thieving colleagues soon join you. Or will you find God like the Tory cheat Aitken.
Being Labour and thus a traitor I suppose you would be more likely to find Allah.

This could be the start of something good.


Anonymous said...

While i think this is a good thing that this thieving politician is jailed i cannot help but think that he is nothing more than a "Sacrificial Lamb" given up by our masters in government in a hope to quell any anger from the population and take the heat off them and make us think that they actually "care" about his fraudulent activities while all the time still plotting more devious ways to extract money from the system without being caught!
He's nothing only a stool pigeon, 18 months....had it been Joe public the sentence would be more than 3 times that!
The parasites are still at it in "Troughminster".

Silly Kuffar said...

He's not been punished but given a slap on the wrist. What's the odds he doesn't spend a day in Wormwood Scrubs or the like. He'll go to the Open Air Boys club situated in some stately park

He also, like Morely tried to use the 1689 ENGLISH BILL OF RIGHTS to defend their THIEVING.