Friday, 17 December 2010


Good news at last.
The government sponsored and subsidised Equalities Commission lost in their efforts to destroy our party.
It is ironic that we supporters and members of the British National Party have to pay our taxes to support an organisation dedicated to destroying us and our rights to have a voice.
It is even more offensive that many of the members of this overpaid quango are of foreign origin from their chairman Phillips down. Those not foreign are without exception people with impeccable leftist credentials who view the British people as an obstacle to their multiculti agenda.

We were told as children that we lived in a democracy which protected the right to free speech.
Now we are not allowed to complain about the colonisation of our country except in the most guarded terms. However as Nick Griffin said they can ot stop us thinking unallowed non PC thoughts.
Which other country would gag its inhabitants who wished to protect their standards and customs?
Which other country would subsidise a body led by foreigners to persecute the native people and force on them their agenda?

I can understand why the people on this anti British quango feel as they do. Many of them are not British and thus they look at things from a different viewpoint.
But the fact is that this is OUR country and our wishes should be paramount.

What I can't understand is why our government gave them so much power.
There can be no other reason other than our governing elite wish to destroy our way of life, one that has served us well for centuries and through many threats and turmoils.
Now this government subsidised quango wanted us as a party to open our membership to those who opposed our principles and ideals and tried to bankrupt us for not rolling over and accepting this.

They really are traitors to the British people.

Thank God that the judges have SOME sense of justice and impartiality.



The whole idea is to get our standards of living down to those of the third world parasites as quickly as possible,so that all are uniform,and only the elite has money and political power,do not think for one moment that the banking crisis was an accident,it was engineered to impoverish us,as is global warming,agenda 21,all have the singular core agenda ,to remove our access to money, and hence to political power,democracy and freedom,for the man begging for a meal on the street is no political threat to the elite,being to busy trying to avoid starvation,all of this has been re-iterated time and time again,by now there should be room for doubt as to the intentions of this criminal elite,only this fact remains,either you will fight,or you will die ,there is no middle way.

bazzer said...

Does this "victory" mean that we are now a bona fide political party and longer be considered as extremist; also the embargo on our members being accepted as applicants for all jobs eg teaching and police. I think not.

Andyj said...

Slavery through debt.

Andyj said...

Next time if anything like this comes up what one does is transfer all the assets (not debts) to the new party name.

Ensure you drop on these cretins the debts. It's what they were asking for and its lawful.