Thursday, 16 December 2010


I know many of you will not agree with me but I think Bob Ainsworth's idea of decriminalising drugs could be a good idea.

I think that if drugs were made available cheaply on prescription it would kill the drug trade stone dead.
It would remove the profit motive and pushers would have no incentive to ply their evil trade. I think it is this pushing which causes many people to start taking drugs and afterwards addicts steal to feed their habit.
These drugs are cheap to manufacture. The cost on the street is due to scarcity caused by the prohibition.
People under the influence of drugs would be prosecuted severely especially if they caused bother and if they did become addicted it would be made clear they would be taken to a spartan detox centre.
If people under this "liberal"regime wish to take harmful substances it should be at their own risk. It is not for the nanny state to look after foolish people.

In recent years when a drug has been banned it becomes more expensive and often popular and when unavailable other substances take over. Also in times past cocaine and opiates were available over the counter and there was no real problem.
This regime I think in removing the incentive in the selling of drugs would do much to reduce drug taking, robbery and best of all the massive amounts made by Asian heroin pushers who use their ill gotten gains to fund terrorism.

Look what happened in the USA with prohibition.



A well thought out comment Lanky, I agree.

Do you remember Brian Inglis, who used to present All our Yesterdays, in the 60's. He wrote a
book on this subject, many years ago.


"To punish drug takers is like a drunk striking the bleary face it sees in the mirror. Drugs will not be brought under control until society itself changes, enabling men to use them as primitive man did: welcoming the visions they provided not as fantasies, but as intimations of a different, and important, level of reality."

britbaz said...

I completely agree, let them harm themselve if they want to, With the money savings from the reduced crime and police activities etc,funds would be available to treat the addicts. But youve got to consider who in the "corridors of power" in many countries, including ours,is making money from drug sales.

poppy said...

a far better idea would be to adopt the malaysion stance on drug dealers and pushers a mandatory death sentence wich is swiftly carried out.
no need to worry bob we woud not have to kill many as this evil scum would soon get the message

Anonymous said...

Definitely punish the dealers not the users who are their victims. Let's not forget though that many of these illegal substances like heroin and crack really are destructive substances that cannot be condoned or romanticised. The drug scourge is symptomatic of the atomised , rootless 'me, me me' 'live for today' society the anti-British parties have brought upon us.

Andyj said...

It will allow the state to be the drug dealer to make more money that's why.

Why do you think Cameron imported thousands of tons of grain to feed the people of 'ghan?

The farmers will grow drugs if they have been undercut on food supply and prices.

Cameron is going to be a massive drug lord.

Jack'd Ripp'd said...

My tuppence worth:

Marijuana, ecstasy and even heroin, if made legal, would be cheaper than aspirin.

Of course, with added tax, it could become a packet of cigarettes, where over 60% of the cost to the consumer is TAX.

Drugs are illegal to keep prices artificially high, provide hundreds of thousands of jobs, both legit and illicit, and is also a convenient little thing to distract the public with.

Also, all that dirty money needs cleaning and so the Banking Houses take their cut.

See, the current system, everyone except the consumer and society wins.

If all those draconian laws was abolished, well, it'll be the death of one cash cow that could never be replaced.

Hence why it will never be decriminalised, let alone legalised.

Silly Kuffar said...

You need to take away the profit from the dealers to get rid of the dealers and this is the only way you can do it.
Get rid of the dealers and you stop people from coming into contact with the drugs.
If it's done correctly you could have, in a few years time, a minute amount of people registered as Class A users.
Lets face it, if anyone wanted to become a junkie they can do that today quite easily.
Legalising drugs would not mean thousands of people deciding overnight to become junkies because its legal.
Get ALL class A addicts/users registered, their drug use monitred over a 2 mth period to assess the amount of drug they need for their daily dosage and then have them pick it up daily at a Chemists on prescription.
Have a minimum 10 year hard labour sentence for anyone caught dealing class A and within a year you would have no new class A users or abusers being introduced to the drugs.

For lower classes of drug a different approach may be needed, more along the lines of quantity for personal use.
Anyone caught with above the stated quantity (on the street) would be forced to attend drug treatment/rehab classes of an evening and weekends.
Maybe remove their passports for a year so they are unable to take foreign holidays etc?
Any deviation lands a large fine and a 6 week hard labour prison sentence (or other form of punishment, maybe stocks or birch)?

Andyj said...

Yes, but the state will be the dealer and the profit will go to the politicians for their use of.

Would if make it any harder to obtain after that? You bet it will not!

'ghan has a two year stash of weed it cannot shift. The UN troops guarding the poppy fields has caused deep tensions with Russia, Iran etc. No wonder Barry Soteiro (Obama) wants his nuklear shield.