Wednesday, 15 December 2010


At one time in the words of Victor Meldrew I would have said "I can't believe it"
Unfortunately nowadays I can believe anything that our rulers do to destroy our country.
As the last Harriers flew off into oblivion or more likely another country in receipt of our foreign aid while we have carriers mothballed,we are informed that in the interests of economy lollipop ladies and men are to be scrapped in some areas. This "improvement" in efficiency will no doubt spread.

How far have we sunk since I was a child in the Forties.
Then there was less money around but everybody worked. There was no "underclass", just honest working people. We had Spitfires and a powerful Royal Navy.
We were self sufficient in energy and manufactures and the greedy bankers had not got their claws into our national wealth.

We had no lollipop people then. Every day at school turning out time (4 pm then) the local police sergeant came up from the police station to escort us across the road. Yes in those days we had local bobbies in whom we were in awe and whose orders had to be obeyed.
We had little traffic in those days and indeed in my village I remember playing football in a B road. But even with so little traffic it was considered important to protect children crossing the main street.
Now, in spite of all the progress and exponential increase in traffic it seems that escorting children across the much busier roads by people on a low wage is unaffordable.

What is affordable is benefits to foreigners who send money back to their countries and who are hailed as heroes by Harriet Harman. Also affordable is legal aid for prisoners in jail to make spurious allegations such as the postman convicted of murder to sue the Post Office for wrongful dismissal even though he will be incarcerated for fifteen years.
Also protected are the many "non jobs" such as diversity officers and health co ordinators whose numbers seem to increase annually.

I believe taxpayers pay their taxes willingly (unless they are Tory donors) but want them to fund those things they think matter.
It is time that our rulers spent our money in the way WE wish in the defence of our country and the safety of our children.

We pay the taxes and they should be used for OUR benefit and not the dross of the world.
Is that not fair? Of course it is but those in power have no concept of fairness.

If we, the ordinary British people are not heard and considered someday, perhaps not so far in the future the pot of our anger will boil over and THEY will feel the consequences.

The people are in a mood for revolt and it will not be the "mummy's boys" of the middle class students who will be revolting, so BEWARE.


Anonymous said...

So very very true!
Just what i have been saying for a long time, as i see it the revolt of the honest hard working Britons of this country seems inevitable, you can kick a dog for so long but eventually it will turn around and bite you......No matter how mild mannered it is !

xrayspex said...

We're all equal -

The future -

Whites who understand are "less than human", says Trevor Phillips.

Someone, the BNP perhaps, please tell our people in plain words what's really being done to us.


I would like to ask our MP Ms Nandy, how she and her ilk, can in any way, defend the Blackburn Murderer of a child he mowed down in a car, left the scene, and the child ( still alive ) and the murderer be granted the privilage to live and draw benefits from this Country, because his human rights are paramount.


HOW, can any, be whatever Political persuasion defend this cold blooded murderer, in his own Land of Iraq, he would be hanged for such a terrible crime.

Wake up, Stand up, Enough is Enough.