Monday, 13 December 2010


This is inevitable
In the Telegraph: German man castrates teenage daughter's 57-year-old boyfriend.

Helmut Seifert, 47, an ethnic German originally from Russia, was enraged when he heard his 17-year-old daughter was having a relationship with Phillip Genscher, 57.

He went to police in the town of Bielefeld where he lives but officers said they were powerless to intervene.

"The man then recruited two work colleagues at his factory and then went to the house of the victim," said police.

"The man was forced to remove his trousers and, fully conscious, he was castrated. The severed testicles were taken away by the perpetrator."

The man was close to bleeding to death but managed to call police. His life was saved but he remains a eunuch for life.

Seifert pleaded guilty and will be on trial for attempted murder next year. But he has remained silent on who his accomplices were.

He told police: "I received a phone call anonymously that my daughter was involved with a guy 40 years older than her. You said you couldn't stop him – so I did.

"I saw it as my duty as a father."

(emphasis mine)

There are so many things wrong with this. And yet... I don't know I wouldn't have wanted to do the same thing, if presented with the same situation.

One thing struck me, though. That is the highlighted sentence: 'You said you couldn't stop him – so I did'. As our governments continue to dishonour the social contract, we inevitably are going to see (and maybe even do) more of this.

aS THE AUTHORITIES DEVIATE MORE AND MORE FROM THEIR PRIMARY DUTY - WHICH IS TO DEFEND US - WE'LL SEE MORE AND MORE OF THIS SORT OF STUFF AS PEOPLE GET DESPERATE TO DEFEND THEIR OWN. And the media and politicians will pretend to be surprised. It wasn't us that broke the social contract.

Islam will learn a similar lesson: but that will be hard work because whatever we might say about Islam - and I say plenty - it does at least still have its balls.


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Jack'd Ripp'd said...

Ouch! I'm shivering after reading that. A eunuch? I'd rather die than live with my jewels.

And you suggesting the same course of action has dampen my own mood for a mid-life crisis chasing 17 year old heartbreakers.

As for Islam, you are correct, it is balls. Total Utter Bollox from start to finish.