Monday, 13 December 2010


We returned last night from our British National Party conference tired but elated.
The venue was excellent with superb accomodation, catering and a very efficient and friendly staff protected by our stalwarts in security.
Yes it was expensive but what you paid was what you got and we got a lot, and the package was value for money.

There were I'm told sixteen of the great unwashed outside protesting at our right to hold a party conference and general get together.
They were of no consequence and we were not aware of them until we went outside during a break. These antidemocratic mummy's boys and leftie lecturers were protected by the police from coming into contact with our security staff who would have easily coped with them.

I went to the conference with many questions I wanted answered and indeed had written letters requesting these answers, and I thought possibly I would be in trouble for pushing my questions.
In the event my queries and doubts were answered without my asking them, and I realise that much of the trouble in the Party has been caused by people who now we are thankfully rid of.

There was gross inefficiency in the party management most of it perpetrated by those who have now left and we are now on a sound financial footing.
We have voted on a new party structure which will bring a more democratic system than we had previously and indeed than other parties have. Of course this will take a few months to set up but basically it means that all active groups and branches will have an input into Party management.

The policy debates were as usual hard argued with everybody having a chance to have their say. This to me is one of the highlights of these conferences and an indication of our democratic credentials.

Nick's final speech as usual was superb. I don't know how he does it but hearing him speak is like a shot of adrenalin which invigorates and is sometimes necessary for oldies like me.

The Christmas dinner on Saturday night was excellent with good natured leg pulling and craic. Unfortunately we left early 11 pm as we, enthusiastic as we are are getting too old for late night revelry had to call it a night after one short dance.
Some of the younger ones continued for longer causing one organiser to present himself minus his voice on Sunday morning.

So in a nutshell a very enjoyable if tiring weekend, meeting old friends, really getting to the root of any internal problems, and sorting them and without the would be demagogues we had in the past who have shown over the last year their true colours.
Now we realise how much better we are without them, and how our party has progressed over the last few years.

I just wish the general public could have seen us there as we truly are. We would form the next government but then we have the vested interests of the global capitalists against us and always seek to distort our message.

Next year I will try to arrange for more of our local activists to attend and sod the costs so they can get their adrenalin fix, but then we would have to have an even bigger venue.

The best conference ever.

Onwards and upwards.

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Jack'd Ripp'd said...

Glad it went well.

Some leftard over at 'Though Cowards Flinch' has hearing problems, placing an invisible quote of 'militancy' to Mr Griffin.

Not worth the read, total BS.

In regards to the BNP's roller-coaster of a political ride so far, it seems to me as an outsider a clash of personalities and ideas. I wholeheartedly agree with some of the detractor's observations regarding costly publicity campaigns.

The BNP hierarchy should make more use out of hindsight, thinking though every possible consequence. Instances such as Marmite and taking on a lawyer infested Public Body with unlimited finances are losing battles.

But as individuals, so long as you stay strong and true to your British and Local values, the Nationalist ship is on course and many will continue to flock to the BNP lifeboat. After all, who else is there? Exactly. And we only need ONE Nationalist MP to propel our cause.

Keep repeating the message and more importantly, keep highlighting those who have enabled the enemy.

Perhaps every single immigration bill could be examined and compared. I'm sure the results of which would really reveal the True Betrayers of the Nation.