Saturday, 18 December 2010


The State sponsored quango has been at it again.
They have supported a prosecution by two homosexuals who were denied a double bed in a hotel in the West Country on the grounds that they were not married and thus were "homophobic"
No mention of the fact that unmarried heterosexual couples would also not be allowed to sleep together in their hotel.
Now I am no prude and would have no objections to unmarried couples sleeping together. Indeed how many people nowadays keep their sex until marriage? Very few I suspect and certainly not me.

BUT the fact remains that this hotel belongs to this couple and they should be allowed to make their rules in their own establishment however much others may disagree with these rules.
It has been said that if this couple are running a commercial hotel they should accept all people and lifestyles.

I disagree.
If I turned up to the Savoy in London in my working gear I would not be allowed in. The hotel has its standards and we all accept them. Many restaurants do not allow people in jeans to dine there, indeed I have been refused entry to a club on that account.

Some hotels are temperance with alcohol prohibited. Fair enough, these are their rules and if I don't like them (I dont) I am free to go elsewhere, and I do.
Similarly the West Country hotel proprieters should be allowed their standards whether the Equalities Commission likes it or not, and if homosexuals wish to bed each other they should find a hotel willing to accomodate them. Indeed many hotels are run by homosexuals so it should not be too difficult to find one.

And that is the trouble with this overpaid State subsidised busybodies. They want to dictate the behaviour of everybody, and even their thoughts.
Basically if your rules and beliefs are not politically correct you are likely to be sued and even bankrupted.

This in a way mirrors the way in which they objected to the British National Party policies, because they did not like them, and therefore they tried to bankrupt us.
It demonstrates their attitude to freedom of concience and belief. They have none,and they will push the views of the minority over those of the vast majority of the British people.

We nowadays have to watch what we say in case we offend some alien group and are prosecuted for our free speech while aliens can preach death to us with impunity.
It is ironic that the same organisation which persecutes Christian people for their beliefs on homosexuality supports the rights of those who preach that these same homosexuals should be put to death.

It is time that this expensive anti freedom organisation was scrapped but I doubt that even with all the economies which must be made it will happen.
To many of the governing elite are involved in it and are using it as a tool to suppress our freedoms.

When will the people wake up?


Jack'd Ripp'd said...

The problem (apart from the EHRC), is the contradictory laws made in Our Name.

Equality Rights versus Human Rights.

The Right not to be discriminated against and the Right to use prejudice.

Both contradict each other yet both are law.

Of course, I still say burn the EHRC down. It was never wanted nor needed.

Andyj said...

The hotel should state all its "house rules" to people on entry. Then its a contract. So who would the EHRC work for if the hotel was run by Muslims?

I thought it was the BNP who preached intolerance. A little insight into Marxist doublethink.

If a landlord to a pub decided to shove people out.. Like me years ago. Turning up for a pint at some country pub as a biker. There would be no argument nor a case. Yet it was my identity, belief, freedom of expression, no harm done to others, blah , blah that was being "offended".

I've been told by a lady, with her husband of the time. They went into a pub, ordered food and drinks. Practically scoffed the lot before getting "found out". They did not argue. Said "ok", gathered up their gear and walked out. No bill paid. This was just a couple of years ago!

Cicero said...

This is my take on it. I see it as an attack on christian values and the rights of idividuals values full stop.