Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Muslims Against Crusades protesters running riot on the streets of London. Disrupting yet another homecoming parade of British Troops who have recently returned from Afghanistan. This time it's 1st Battalion of the Royal Anglian Regiment who are being attacked and abused by British muslim fanatics.

Why the f*** isn't all this stuff being reported on the BBC and the wider British MSM? Why is it that only the Russian and Amercian broadcasters are covering this? They must be wondering why the f*** we aren't doing anything about this total disrespect for our British way of life.

Watch it all to the very end and then tell me they're not f***ing laughing at us!

Who the f*** is responsible for keeping this outrageous and sickening behaviour out of the British Press? Come on people, wake the f*** up, this is REALLY happening on our streets and someone, somewhere, is hiding it from us all. If they're not going to broadcast it then it's up to us ... spread it far and wide, tell everyone you know to watch it ... especially all the XFactor junkie generation who need to have their f***ing eyes open to what's really important to the future of this country!

Or am I just wasting my f***ing breath?


Anonymous said...

Yes you are wasting your breath I'm afraid. Rivers of blood is inevitable as this will just get worse and worse until we reach tipping point.

Anonymous said...

Your Bloody right, Why havn't we seen this on British TV. I have been trying to put this sort of stuff on dvd to show people on there telly, but i can't!

Is anyone willing to put this video on a dvd disk for me? I would be glad to pay!!

Anonymous said...

I can put this video on DVD for you. I've just downloaded it and I could throw it on a disc and mail it to you if you like. Here's my email. My name is Scott.