Monday, 22 November 2010


I'm pleased to note that our public services are trying to make themselves more efficient spenders of our money.
Mrs Joan Redfern Wigan Metro chief executive will take over additional duties as manager for the Area Health Authority when the present manager retires.

New Role For Redfearn

Now Mrs Redfearn is a nice lady and no doubt efficient, albeit vastly overpaid and it is good that she is able to take on these extra duties thus saving one excessive salary.

Well done!

However it does beg the question of why two massive salaries were needed in the first place.
Was Mrs Redfern underemployed or did the health manager not have enough duties to justify his large salary
Have we paid out hundreds of thousands of pounds over the past years which were not strictly necessary?

Well at least some waste has been stopped and for that we must be thankful.

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Anonymous said...

I see from the editorial Wigan Evening Post today,that they echo your comments.
They point out that she earns more than the prime minister and that the departing PCT chief executive takes a similar sizes salary.
They go on to say,if both these jobs are important and time consuming,then how could anyone have the time to do both properly.
Also if running both organisations at once with help from deputies is possible,what does that say about the workload of the single role?