Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Good evening Ms Nandy (it will be Ms and not Miss or Mrs as you are New Labour).

I see you read our blog.

Now I must confess I do not read your blog (or twitter) or whatever medium you use to make your views known, as I prefer accurate assessments of the national situation, untainted by your anti British views.

I obtained my information about your new position on Searchlight from the Green Arrow web site which roots about in the foetid undergrowth to root out evidence of subversive organisations.

It may interest and surprise you to know that my politics are of the Left. I am an ex member of the real Labour Party when that party represented the interests of the British workers and was a patriotic party.

I can sympathise your difficulties, given your pedigree, of understanding my mind set, that of a true Wiganer but surely you must agree we have a right to an opinion as to the way our country is being colonised.

We do not like being colonised any more than the native Americans did when they were displaced from their lands and I can understand that you will have as little sympathy with our feelings as the Europeans did for the American "Indians".

I note that you were quick to deny that you were a muslim and happily relate to differences of opinion in the BNP. Yes there are differences and financial pressures caused by the government funded ethnic minority? dominated EHRC. However whatever the pressures nationalism will prevail, indeed is becoming stronger by the day.

You say we are a spent force. In that case you and your vile government funded Searchilght organisation seem to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about us.

Why is that if we are so unimportant?

I imagine you thought that your Christmas (or Eid or Diwali, fill in as appropriate) had come early, when you were imposed on the Wigan Parliamentary seat.

It is a well known fact that a donkey with a Labour rosette will always win the Wigan seat (a relic of the time when OUR ancestors were exploited to build the wealth of Britain).

You ticked the boxes for the tokenism of New Labour female and ethnic minority and not from Wigan. Mustn't have a Wiganer, must we? Too parochial. Too proud of their town and insular.
No Wigan must have a new kind of representative, inclusive and multicultural. The local people's opinions are of no import and old fashioned. We must become modern and embrace the new (imposed) reality, whether we like it or not.

It's the new democracy imposed by the better educated and preferably non Wigan people, the people who KNOW what is best for the town.
The people of Wigan do not know what is best for them so we must guide them.(well this may be true, they voted Labour in the belief that their interests would be put first.)

Some of these people object to seeing foreign people in council houses while they languish on the waiting lists. They object to having to compete for jobs in their own town with people who have come from all over the world to work for starvation wages.
They must be EDUCATED to appreciate the advantages of diversity, even though it means poverty and homelessness for them.

A NEW WORLD is coming when the proles of Wigan will be guided by the superior will and expertise of NEW LABOUR.

Eventually Ms Nandy the people will wake up to the future you and your ilk envisage for them.
In the meantime our job as patriots and nationalists whatever party we are in is to reveal the sinister truth.

If your friends in the EHRC and Searchlight do manage to knock us down as a party believe me we will rise again as a phoenix under a different name.

In the meantime read George Orwell's 1984.

It is a portent of the future envisaged for us by Ms Nandy and her dictatorial friends.

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Silly Kuffar said...

I wonder where she was when OUR TOWN were holding its REMEMBERANCE SERVICE.
Did she not attend the ANNUAL REMEMBERANCE SERVICES to show her RESPECT for those who gave their LIVES so that WE COULD LIVE as a PROSPEROUS, SAFE, HOMOGENOUS COUNTRY, though with a very small group of Immigrants who fitted in and accepted OUR WAYS AS THEIR WAYS instead of trying by TREASON and stealth to force the INDIGENOUS POPULATION into a MINORITY HATED IN OUR COUNTRY BY IMMIGRANTS WHO WANT US TO ADAPT TO THEM?



Andyj said...

For a good few elections the people of Wigan have as a whole been less inclined to vote Labour. Their vote has dropped around 5% each time. Once a full 8% with the last incumbent. until Nandy came into office. Even with a clean sheet came a palpably large plummet in votes. I think it was around another 10%.

Labours days in her patch. Under her watch. Will soon be over.

Won't be long now MS. Nandy. We have been listening and learning how the enemy of the people work.

Lomra Greener said...

Excellent original post.

I only hope that the right people read it, not the leftish noo liabour or C(R)AP elements, but the ordinary person capable of constructive thought.

britbaz said...

I recently sent Ms Nandy a letter re Halal meat and used Lanky Pats model. To give her her due she did reply and in brief said that she will investigate the labelling of such meats to inform the public of the meats origin and history. But like all their ilk she ignored the monitoring of meat supplied to schools , supermarkets and resteraunts etc. I think we should have an MP who can atleast read and comprehend english, or like all such politicians she is only telling us half the truth

Anonymous said...

An extremely well put together post which addresses the tactics used by Liebour to undermine the values of the patriotic peoples of this land.
Keep up the good work and thanks.