Wednesday, 24 November 2010


It made me want to throw up.
The Queen visiting Dubai or some other sand blown flea pit was pictured wearing medieval type garb, with her legs covered and a strange covering over her hat.
I have never seen her dress like this.
It is no doubt to conform with the "sensibilities" of her muslim hosts.

She is our QUEEN for Christ sake. Why should she demean herself to appease "muslim sensibilities"

Ugly muslim men and their shrouded women wear their primitive clothing in our country.
No effort to conform to our customs by them so why should the Queen conform to theirs.

I was formerly a monarchist, believing that institution, illogical as it is, united our nation and protected us from possible disasters such as President Blair, or any other grasping selfish liar.
The Queen embodied the country and its people more than any person politician. She is supposed to be above the dirty tricks of political life and an anchor to our past.

So why has she been prevailed upon to degrade herself in this way? Also in recent years she has signed away many of our rights to the EU.

I believe the function of the monarch is to protect her people, not in a political but a national way.

That she has signed away our rights and her powers makes me angry and her kow towing to these medieval desert Arabs is beginning to make me doubt the use of the very institution of monarchy.

If the Queen is not able to be herself abroad what chance have we?

If she wants the monarchy to survive she should uphold the British way of life and customs and bow to NO foreigner.
If she stands tall in the face of all the PC nonsense which surrounds her she would have the gratitude of all true Brits.

Please Ma'am. Start acting like OUR QUEEN and save us for now, that is until your idiotic son takes over.


Cicero said...

nick as many as you like and thanks for the link


How can she save the monarchy when she has signed a treaty abolishing it?Why bother about England when total world power lies within her grasp as head of the nwo,and when the euro and dollar collapse she and her henchman rothschild will achieve thier aims completely.