Wednesday, 24 November 2010


The proposal by Mr Justice Moses to do away with trial by jury is a sinister attempt by this unelected group of people to further erode our rights and protections.
These arrogant people are even now above the law.
They can over rule government opinion in matters of law.

Sounds reasonable you may think, but they do not in a democratic society make the law. Their job is to interpret it as closely as possible to its intended aims. They are not elected but now they seem to want to be a power unto themselves.
Yes we need an independent judiciary to protect us against an ever more powerful state, but that does not mean that they should themselves become an unelected dictatorship.

The complaint is that juries often come to the wrong verdict, and it is true they do.
But judges often in their summing up also make mistakes.
Judges, unlike other professional people can not be sued for their mistakes. You never hear a judge paying damages for a faulty summing up.
They are just as fallible as any body else.

So what is our protection from the arbitrary dictatorship of the State and the possible corrupt and compromised judges who after all are subject to human frailties and weaknesses like the rest of us?

Yes. The right to be tried by twelve of your fellow men. The last bastion of democracy.
If we are to lose that we will become enslaved by the State and the judiciary. Juries are our last and ONLY protection.

The argument that the wrong verdict does not wash. Far better a guilty man get off than an innocent man be convicted.

If the cost of trial by jury is too great, cut the pay of the barristers and judges and their closed shop and maybe install elected "people's judges".
The proportion of court costs paid to the present overpaid "elite" far outweighs the costs of jury members.

Our freedom demands that trial by jury remains.

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This is our right under English common law,but on the isle of the brain dead few will oppose the fascists.