Tuesday, 30 November 2010


For those of us who see politics as the only way of change, and if you missed this last night like I did I suggest you click on the link to the BBCi webplayer.
As someone who studied Mid-Victorian Britain with the OU (Open University) this sort of documentary fascinates me.
I hope it does the same for you.


I am at a loss for why the BBC have made a programme which is dominated by an HISTORICAL Mono-Culture, which Victorian Britain was, and like all the other eras of Britain before was not and would never consider a Multi-Cultural Britain.
The only thing I can think of is it is trying to restore some Morals into OUR Britain today ?

We can take comfort from this programme in that it shows that WE CAN make a difference.

Our VOICE OF FREEDOM should be to POLITICS TODAY what the LANCET was to VICTORIAN SURGERY and todays Medical proffesion.
Todays POLITICS and POLITICIANS should be as much under scrutiny as the HEALTH PROFFESIONALS were in VICTORIAN BRITAIN.

Look to the past for the reformation of OUR FUTURE. Learn from the past.

Watch carefully, maybe you can see similar problems today that were in evidence then.

Though the Civil Service today are against NATIONALISM (blame the COMMUNIST/MARXIST UNIONS), through those who see NATIONALISTS as an enemy to the COMMUNISM/MARXISM which is rife in todays CIVIL SERVICE, even though the CIVIL SERVICE CODE dictates that they SHOULD be above POLITICS.

Today in Britain, our Victorian past is more than evident as we now have an underclass such as their was in VICTRIAN BRITAIN.
Or Politicians are in it for themselves and not for US.
Should we change it ?
The Victorians did.

I'm up for it..are YOU ?

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