Tuesday, 30 November 2010

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The Cost of Equality & Diversity

It has come to my notice that YOUR COUNCIL District Council has a section totally devoted to the promotion of equality and diversity. I don’t understand why we need people employed in such an activity, as it certainly has no relevance for the people of YOUR TOWN and serves no useful purpose.

Folk generally feel that Equality & Diversity means the promotion of alien cultures and religions, at the expense of the demeaning and belittling of all indigenous British values and traditions. It is also believed that positive discrimination, or affirmative action, is used to promote ethnic minorities into positions within local government at the expense of superior qualified indigenous Britons – in particular white heterosexual indigenous males. Whether or not these concerns are true or false, there can be no doubt that the promotion of Equality & Diversity does nothing to improve relations between different cultures; in fact imposing it on the indigenous population can only aggravate the situation. The Anglo-Celtic peoples of these islands should not have to change their culture, traditions and values to appease immigrants - it is the duty of the immigrant to abide by the mores and practices of the British people. If immigrants don’t like it, then they should be encouraged to leave the UK!

We are living in a time of austerity where every person and organization has to reduce their spending, including YOUR COUNCIL District Council - and to most folk’s way of thinking Equality & Diversity is an unnecessary burden imposed on an already impoverished Council Tax payer.

As a Consequence of my concerns, I would be pleased if you can provide me with the following information under the terms and rights allowed under the Freedom of Information Act:

1. Details of all personnel employed by YOUR COUNCIL District Council associated with Equality & Diversity including:

• Job Title

• A brief description of their duties

• Their annual salary

2. The total costs to the local Council Tax payer for implementing Equality & Diversity practices within YOUR COUNCIL District Council over the past year.

3. A brief description of tasks undertaken with regards to Equality & Diversity by YOUR COUNCIL District Council over the past year.

I look forward to receiving your answers within the twenty working days stipulated by the Act.

Yours Sincerely,


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