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Homosexuals (and liberals) always vehemently deny that “gays” and lesbians are more likely to sexually abuse children than heterosexuals. In fact, for many, especially in the mainstream media, this is a topic whose name they dare not speak.

In this age of “equality” when homosexuals are “entitled” to adopt and foster children every bit as much as normal married couples, you would imagine that the issue has been thoroughly researched in order to protect children as much as possible.

You would dearly hope so.

But what is the truth? Are homosexuals more likely to abuse children than heterosexuals? Was the government right to force adoption agencies that refused to go along with this new agenda to close their doors or are all animals not equal when it comes to caring for children?

I was inspired to write this post after seeing the adverts on the Pink News website. The main ad banner on the mast head was for Southwark Council who are recruiting people to work with children, adolescents and families. I doubt they would dare advertise on a website dedicated to promoting heterosexuality.

Further down is an ad for the charity Plan, looking for people to sponsor children. The advert beside this one declares, “You can be a queer candy”. I didn’t click on that one.

It has left me wondering if the companies who placed these adverts believe that homosexuals have more of an “interest” in children and so their clients will get better results.

(There was also an ad for a course from Middlesex University: “Do you want to change the face of TV so it reflects the diverse world you live in and the people you know?…We are keen to hear from applications with no or limited experience of the media industry. Applications are encouraged from those with a diverse background or a strong understanding of diversity.”)

Anyway, I have tried Googling for definitive information on the subject of whether homosexuals are more likely to sexually abuse children, but the information seems hard to find.

When talking about the Catholic Church’s paedophile scandal, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s permanent observer to the UN, blamed homosexuals in the priesthood,

Of all priests involved in the abuses, 80 to 90 per cent belong to this sexual orientation minority which is sexually engaged with adolescent boys between the ages of 11 and 17.

Tomasi added that it would be “more correct” to refer to ephebophilia, a homosexual attraction to adolescent males, than paedophilia.

Father John Owen, the communications officer for the archdiocese of Cardiff and also a chaplain at Cardiff University, told the BBC that,

most of the offences are being committed by homosexuals and said that teenage boys were the group affected by the “majority” of abuse cases in the United Kingdom, adding: “Now what does that tell you? Now that is a fact.”

The Catholic League’s Bill Donohue reported in a recent Washington Post opinion piece about the origins of the Catholic Church’s child molestation scandals,

More recently, in organs such as the Archives of Sexual Behavior, the Journal of Sex Research, the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy and Pediatrics, it has been established that homosexuals are disproportionately represented among child molesters.

Dr Richard Fitzgibbons, a psychiatrist who has worked with abusive clergy, says,

Every priest whom I treated who was involved with children sexually had previously been involved in adult homosexual relationships.

That Washington Post piece says,

Alfred Kinsey was the first to identify a correlation between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of minors. In 1948, he found that 37 percent of all male homosexuals admitted to having sex with children under 17 years old.

Kinsey is the originator of the famous and fraudulent claim (and one which is still, unfortunately, quoted) that ten percent of the population is homosexual (it is more like 1 – 2%), so I do not imagine he was trying to do any favours here. The true figure could sadly be higher still.

Here is some evidence, at least, that homosexuals are more likely to abuse children. With regard to “gay adoption,” whether sexual abuse takes place or not, many people feel that it is child abuse in itself. Henry Makow writes,

If I were a lawyer, I’d make a specialty of suing the nine Canadian provinces and 15 States that allow same-sex adoption. My clients would be young adults whose lives were destroyed because these jurisdictions ignored their innate heterosexuality. I would wager that this arrogant flouting of nature will cost hundreds of millions in restitution.

Google “coming out” and compare the resources available to young would-be homosexuals with the callous indifference to innocent heterosexual children who don’t have necessary heterosexual role models at home and don’t know what’s wrong.

And he cites the real reason for engineering this “equality”,

This stealth war on heterosexuals (disguised as woman’s and gay rights) is designed to destabilize society in advance of the New World Order. The destruction of the nuclear family has long been the Illuminati Communist goal. They wish to make arrested development (homosexuality) the new norm. Lesbianism is the hidden agenda of feminism. Marriage and family are essential to our natural development. But, despite the deceitful propaganda, most male homosexuals don’t want marriage or children. They want sex.

See this 1969 document from Rockefeller-funded “Planned Parenthood” which plots to promote homosexuality and feminism so as to decrease US fertility. (Berelson-Jaffe Chart)

Because promoting homosexuality is the elite Agenda, the research on same-sex parenting is highly politicized. Thus, we have numerous nonsensical claims that homosexual parenting is as good for the child or better than a stable heterosexual marriage. Here is a study that actually claims that more than half of gay men want to have children! It says that in 2007, an estimated two million GLB people were interested in adopting. An estimated 65,500 adopted children were living with a lesbian or gay parent. More than 16,000 adopted children are living with lesbian and gay parents in California, the highest number among the states. Gay and lesbian parents are raising four percent of all adopted children in the United States.

I’m not saying that none of these parents have merit. I am saying that it is wrong to place heterosexual children with homosexual parents.

Society is in the grip of a long-term satanic conspiracy masquerading as “progressive” which is attempting to concentrate all wealth in the hands of the central bankers and their allies. They are re-engineering the human race to serve them in a neo feudal world order.

This is the real “hate” and we won’t be fooled or coerced.

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