Monday, 1 November 2010


David Cameron has proved himself to be a liar, a cheat and a traitor.
First he promised us a referendum on the EU and then renaged on his promise. He said he could do nothing about the Lisbon Treaty as it had been ratified. Now it seems that the parts that France and Germany do not like will be changed as it does not suit them, which proves that it can be done if the will is there.
He did not as he said just ring fence foreign aid, he has increased it by £3 billion while at the same time cancelling vital projects in Britain.

Here in Wigan we are desperate for an East West road, one which was promised 20 years ago.
It is a nightmare to get from the West of our town to the East as many of our workers must do as there is no direct road without going through the town centre.
The cost of these vital improvements would be about £15 million per year over the next 3 years.
The cost of the present congestion in a town with above average deprivation will be far more in jobs lost on account of poor infrastructure.

The improvements have now been shelved again. So we face congestion while Pakistan India get new roads paid from our taxes.

His latest betrayal has been to agree to over £400 million extra to be given to the EU to pay for the unaudited increased expenditure of that parasitical organisation when he said he would resist paying more.

You would think our local pin up girl? (she'd frighten a police horse) and EU foreign secretary, Baroness Ashton would have put a word in for her home town, but perhaps on the gravy train she has forgotten about her roots if she ever cared for them in the first place, but she has obviously gone native to her great and undeserved financial advantage.

The recent announcement that home care will be cut leaving vulnerable people who have paid into the system helpless shows his contempt for the British people.
The Lib Con government shows where its priorities lie. Foreign aid, the EU but definitely not the British people who pay the taxes.

Not that Labour are any better, their priorities are just the same.

The only way for our people to get fairness is for a nationalist regime, not in the pockets of off shore bankers and European and British bureaucrats and that is--


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Lomra Greener said...

Sorry, Lanky, his latest sell out was to agree to a military tie up with france. It looks like we (the UK) provide the know how, troops, facilities, weapons, training and equipment while france sits back and reaps the benefits. There was a link up like this in the first world war, with the french in control. What a success that was!!

The best way to solve our debt crisis is to stop all foreign aid until we can afford it, and that includes paying into the EU to support a currency and regime that would pull the rug from under us for the sake of expediency.

Sorry about the rant, I just feel very strongly about it.