Tuesday, 2 November 2010


You can just picture him at school. The little runt, snitch, teachers pet and swot who kept getting the s**t kicked out of him in the rugby scrum has now made it big by sucking up to his erstwhile anti British employer, owner of much of the media and off shore tax exile, Murdoch and latterly the non Tory Tory Party.

NOW he has power and will show how strong he really is.
The little squirt has decided to ban members of the BNP from being teachers.
Not much respect for democracy there then, but then he never cared for principles before so it is no surprise.

It seems communists, muslim extremists, UAF thugs, IRA supporters etc are considered suitable to teach our children. Even teachers who are too incompetent to teach are welcomed in our shambles of an education system.
BUT, a BNP member such as a physics teacher who teaches all his pupils equally and refrains from imparting any political views to these charges will be henceforth banned from teaching however good a teacher he is.
Of course the Marxist NUT and other unions agree with this and will continue to brainwash our children with their anti British venom. These latter are responsible for the sorry state of education in our country where we are encouraged to use the "expertise" of "graduates" from such centres of excellence as Malawi and the Congo to compensate for the lack of proper teaching here.

I suppose it is in a way a complement that so much government attention is given over to combatting our party.They must recognise that we are the ONLY threat to their globalist agenda.
The ruling class in this country do not believe in freedom of concience. They believe in free speech so long as it is confined to their opinions.
That is not freedom.
Why is the EDL not proscribed? Are they government funded or no threat?
Is the NF proscribed? They are more "right wing" than we are.

I believe this action will infuriate the many moderate teachers (yes most of them are moderate but not in positions of authority) who will perhaps contribute to party funds even if fearing to join us as members.
I would urge them to leave their present union which is only a Labour Party tool and give the money saved to Solidarity or even the BNP.

So what should we do in this new Soviet Tory situation?
First remember "what goes round comes round"
Thirty years ago I would never have believed that the Soviet Union and its satellites would collapse but it did.
Secondly, publicise this injustice. Many will not know about it and will be enraged at its iniquity.
It can be seen by the comments in the papers that most disagree with the ruling. People will waken up to the gradual destruction of democracy perpetrated by the ruling class. Eventually a tipping point will come.
Thirdly, we must give to the Party to compensate for the few membership contributions which we lose. This could be done by boycotting government sponsored charities such as "Children in Need" which donates the bulk of its moneys to foreign causes. We could also boycott the National Lottery. Let's face it there is little chance of winning and any surplus is taken by the government with little going to causes in which we believe.

AND if necessary we could change our name or have associated groups which are not proscribed as has been done in Belgium.

I believe that in the long term this undemocratic action could do us and our cause a lot of good as it will demonstrate once and for all the motives behind which these treacherous liars hide.
It will be another demonstration of my favourite "law of unintended consequences" and will make us even more of a threat to the cowards who at present are in charge.




And what will mr griffin do to counter this assault on our human rights?Take the same action as he did in support of the european strikes of recent weeks,or if he is feeling really tough,send them an indignant email?the BNP does not march,well perhaps it should,for there is no future unless he seizes the initiative and stops defending.

britbaz said...

I am ashamed to call myself an Englishman at the present time. Our religion is being udermined; we have to toe the political line to have a job. Ordinary people are being denied a university education and we are being dictated to on how our meat is prepared. Its all a bad dream I will wake up soon!

Silly Kuffar said...

@ENGLISHMAN - http://radiorwb.co.uk/modules/mod_nmap/audio/popup.php?uid=44y4v2t2x2766405c4t4h4y5x2a6k2v30364q21404s2m234y3q2i26405p2s424z46466p2w4w2q2u276z2u4x2x276b405a4t4t2a6w2b4q256y264&url=eNortjK0UtJXsgZcMAkSAcc,&plw=500&plh=250&bgc=04233e&tit=RWB%20Player

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