Sunday, 31 October 2010


Now that the former "Equalities " minister has made her comments about rodents of a certain colour, breaking the rules she brought in ,I feel it gives me the right to speak of rodents in general and their danger to our country.

Red rodents such as the red squirrel are indigenous to our isle and are not a threat. Danny Alexander may have funny views but he is generally harmless and his indigenous ancestry (as evidenced by his red hair) gives him more rights than alien invaders.
There are many threats to native species from Japanese knotweed, Himalayan balsam, mink and grey squirrel to name but a few, and the government takes measures to control these alien invaders.

Historically the worst invader of them all has been the black rodent which brought with it the Plague/Black Death which reduced the indigenous population of Britain by one third.
This species, represented nowadays by Trevor Philips has not only taken over many of our cities together with the brown rodent bringing with them their associated diseases such as TB and AIDS, it has also taken over the levers of government power. It sucks off the milch cow of the state and the taxes of British people to suppress their freedom of speech and now even their thoughts. It is as if a virus has been injected into the British elite, taking it over and making it work towards the nation's destruction.

The black rodent of the middle ages was horrendous for the population at the time but it had the unexpected effect of ending the feudal system leading on to a more democratic society.
We are not there yet. The powerful still dictate to "the masses" while brainwashing us ito believing we are free.
All the time assaults are made on our hard won rights by those self styled guardians of democracy, the champagne socialists aka Harperson with her laws prohibiting free speech.

Well Harriet, if you can speak freely and disobey your draconian laws so can I.
You may not like red rodents but we don't like some black rodents any more than we did 700 years ago and we will not let ourselved be infected with their anti British virus.
You and your ilk are traitors to the British people and the ordinary "man in the street"whose opinions you so condescendingly ignore and seek to prohibit.
In spite of your privelidge and influence, we the "peasants" will not lie down and succumb to a 21st century plague engineered by you and your traitorous cohorts, and you never know the present invasion may spark a reaction and renaissance of our society as did the last one.
It could happen and we must work to see that it does.

BTW you may have apologised for political reasons but I will never apologise for my views.
My views are MY views and will remain so even if pressure were to make me recant them.

As Nick Griffin said, "you can suppress our words but never our thoughts"

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Silly Kuffar said...

Another phrase I know would go well with yours is from a Jethro Tull song, which escapes me now, is
A million laws may be passed but they can never change a persons thoughts.