Sunday, 31 October 2010


I have just been reading an article over on the OPINIONATOR website.

I'll post a few paragraphs of the article and then I would suggest you go and read the full article.

NO Jail for RACIST Muslims who Kicked Stabbed & Bludgeoned Lone Boy

One can truly understand this father's and mother's frustration, anger and disgust knowing the muslim perpetrators of the savage racist attack against their lone 14 year old son will not be in jail.

"Joseph Haigh, then aged 14, was savagely beaten by a gang of up to 15 Asian youths in Rectory Park, Thornhill, last October.
He was knocked unconscious with a half a house brick, stabbed in the face with a screwdriver and kicked repeatedly in the head as he lay helpless. His attackers hurled racist abuse at him, referring to the colour of his skin, then left him for dead." See article below

Also disturbing is this trial and subsequent release of the racists gang was only considered "news" in the local paper. We all KNOW had the situation been reversed it would be headline news in the major mainstream media outlets. Even The Press chose to not identify the adult perpetrator:

"The Press has decided it would be unfair to name him in the circumstances."

Would The Press been so concerned about a NON muslim violent criminal?

TheOPINIONATOR has documented numerous such attacks - by muslim gangs - undoubtedly these often racist motivated street jihad attacks are becoming commonplace in multicultural England/Britain - yet the mainstream media ignore if not outright refuse to "connect the dots" - here are some but not all:

Full story can be found by clicking here

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