Friday, 29 October 2010

Selective Protest

Selective Protest
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I see Atherton's very own one man militant band Stephen Hall has been out and about with his trusted loud haler once again under the guise of his UNITE Union and People Against Cuts (PAC) banner - protesting against both local cuts and central Governments huge public cutback plans.

Now, I am all for showing my absolute disgust at these drastic cuts being announced by the local authority and the ConDem coalition, but, I find it a little hypocritical when someone from the Unite Union who's own hierarchy on behalf of their members generosity are the biggest donor's to the Labour Party - A political party lest we forget who's thirteen years at the helm has brought this country to it's damn knees. Additionally, noting that the political advisor at this Unite Union was once Gordon Browns speech writer speaks absolute volumes! And along with their exiting leader Mr Simpson command more than a six figure salary per year and this is not including all the glorious grace and favour perks. Maybe Mr Hall should be protesting against his own bosses?

And I would certainly hazard a guess that Mr Hall will not follow my own angst and give a particular protest at the increase to £12.6 Billion given to the Foreign Aid budget in these ruthless economic times nor will he follow suit and lean towards my own efforts of supporting British Jobs For British Workers when the near 500,000 public sector workers lose their jobs - will he?

Gary Chadwick

Leigh British National Party

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