Friday, 26 March 2010


CAP Leader Mr Peter Franzen

I'm sure the vast majority of the Wigan and Leigh individual and certainly those of us who enjoy the odd vote now and again will be unawares of the sinister 'stealth' tactics used by the lurking local far-left organisations to embellish their own hidden and communistic agenda upon on us and more definately at this time of the political calendar with the up and coming local and general elections looming.

But, we here at the Wigan (and Leigh) Patriot are not that stupid to fall for this little charade and have been very much alerted to the covert tactics of such sinister organisations disguised as a political outlet to delude the local populace into thinking that the likes of the Community Action Party are indeed a respectable local and populist political establishment ready to stand up for the wants of the people? That is until you look further and deeper (just as we did) to the murky depths of the man at the helm of this group and see that he is nothing more than a cranked up British hating communist crackpot!

Mr Franzen who infamously attended a Wigan council chamber meeting (before losing his seat when the BNP stood in his ward - and we ravished his votes) wearing high shinned laced boots, combat trousers and a Che Guevara t-shirt and then went on and gave a Nazi salute to the sitting committee proves just how unstable this man actually is. But, as we see with many other would be not-so great egotistical socially inept 'socialists' - it only suits them when they want it to. And it seems that the teachings of "property is theft" has fallen on deaf ears with comrade Franzen.

Anyone travelling through the village of Golborne will see many a yellow poster in vacated property windows in the town bearing the words FOR SALE and the contact details of non-other than Mr P.FRANZEN. I am actually astounded that this gentleman with all his socialistic clout and commitment to the free world -workers of the world unite- no borders ideology hasn't even had the heart to offer these properties to the desperate and wanton asylum seeker or illegal immigrant that he so openly enthuses and demonstrates as being required to belong here?

Then of course we have the other local Trotsky 'commie' Knob and chum of comrade Franzen and someone whose been fully endorsed for his political beliefs by Georgie Boy -"Sir, I salute your courage, your strength, your indefatigability"-Galloway: comrade Stephen Hall - Atherton Respect candidate!

Here's a little blast from the Mr Hall's CV:

Report by Stephen Hall
Published: 12/03/09


In the last few minutes I have been informed by Peter Franzen leader of the Community Action Party in Wigan, based on information provided to him by a prominent member of the SWP in Wigan, that BNP leader Nick Griffin is planning on speaking at a BNP Rally/Public Meeting at the Pure Night Club, Bridgewater Street, Leigh this Friday (13th March) at 7.30pm............................

BNP's Tony Ward interview:

It is an absolute must that we as BNP members and supporters get our messages out and across to the people and the very potential supporters of ours who may not be connected via the internet and ensure they are not hoodwinked by the ever desperate, British hating, communistc and muslim appeasing weak willed cowards!

In Manchester Respect and the Green Party have been able to agree a level of electoral cooperation..............In Salford the `Blears must go` campaign united broad forces drawing together a number of local organisations which had been working locally in defence of working class interests.............................Wigan has the unique position of having had a nominally left of Labour group of 18 councillors – the Community Action Party.This group has subsequently ‘split’ but the more progressive remaining Community Action Party members have responded positively to approaches from Respect to link up................Very soon after that, at a joint public meeting with Dave Nellist from the Socialist Party, Nahella Ashraf of the Socialist Workers Party and Alan Johnson of the Green Party – the Wigan, Leigh, & Makerfield ‘People’s Alliance’ was launched . Around a dozen candidates standing in the local elections (standing as CAP or People’s Charter) will be campaigning under the banner of the Peoples Alliance................

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