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Halal Letter to your MP

Dear Madam,

The Purveying of Halal Meats

I have recently become concerned about the proliferation of halal meats within the food distribution and catering industries. In some cases this has resulted in hospitals, care-homes and schools unwittingly serving halal meat to non-Muslims - which in certain instances has cause deep distress and offence. As things currently stand a purchaser has no indication as to whether a meat product on sale is halal or non-halal.

What is halal slaughter, and why is it so offensive to the indigenous British people?

Halal slaughter dictates that an animal is killed by cutting its throat, whilst the phrase ‘Bismillah Allahu Akbar’ (In the name of God, Allah is the greatest) is recited by the slaughterer. This can cause deep distress to some people for the following reasons:-

• The slaughtering of an animal in an Islamic sacrificial manner can be very offensive to people with deeply held Christian values. The quoting of an Islamic verse during the slaughter may be deemed as a primitive pagan (Some folk may even say Satanic) ritual unacceptable within a Christian society.

• In halal slaughter the animal is not tranquilised or stunned, and is fully conscious as its throat is cut. Subsequently it is left to slowly bleed to death in immense pain as it struggles to regain its footing. To people of a sensitive nature this is considered a barbaric and repulsive practice that has no place in a civilized and humane society.

I have witnessed ritual slaughter being carried out on numerous occasions. I have been disturbed by the sickening spectacle as the slaughterer in a frenzy of religious chanting and bloodlust kills a goat or sheep, and watched in horror the animal’s prolonged and agonising death. By comparison the now outlawed blood-sport of fox-hunting is little more than a paper-chase in a kindergarten.

I have written letters to various restaurants and take-away food purveyors within your town, in these letters I have indicated that their menus do not specify whether the meats served are halal or non-halal. In conversation with staff members at the ‘Indian’ establishments it became clear that all meats served were in fact halal; at the European run establishment the staff just didn’t know.

This is an unsatisfactory state of affairs, as most of the customers (I would say, at least 99%) at these food purveyors are non-Muslim and are completely unaware that halal meat is being served to them. The proprietors at these establishments are, therefore, deliberately deceiving the public by concealing the true nature of the meat used in their prepared meals.

It would be in the purveyors’ interest if they were to display on menus whether the dishes are halal or non-halal. Furthermore, if non-halal meats such as pork were put on the menu then potential customers would be attracted to the restaurant by the absolute assurance that they were not being deceived in any way - this will not cause offence to Muslims, as they already serve alcohol to customers. This will in no way discriminate against the restaurant; in fact it will only enhance their reputation - by offering the customer a real choice their clientele will increase as their customers gain confidence in the restaurant’s commitment to respecting the culture and religious heritage of the host population.

I have been in contact with your county Trading Standards on this issue, and they state: “As the law stands, there is no legal requirement to label the method of slaughter used in the production of meat. If a description is voluntary given, then it must be true.”

As the law currently stands there is no protection to prevent a customer being deceived into consuming halal meat. I believe the law should be changed such that meat products are clearly labelled to indicate the method of slaughter.

As my Member of Parliament, I trust that I will have you support in correcting this current unacceptable and offensive practice.

Yours Sincerely,

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Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Come on people! Get this letter out to your MP and local representatives.
You may want to use this link for sending the letter to your own MP. "They Work For You"
This group monitors the letters sent to MP's and compiles list's to name and and shame MP's who don't respond to the letters they receive from their constituents!

Cheers for the post SK!

Anonymous said...

Great letter Ive sent it off to Lisa Nandy

britbaz said...

Great letter ive sent to Lisa Nandy