Wednesday, 3 November 2010


A MAN has appeared in court charged with participating in a false marriage with a Wigan woman to remain in the UK.

Mbemba Jabbie, 40 appeared at Wigan Magistrates’ Court by video link yesterday.
He is accused of taking part in a false marriage to Sharon Southwood, 41, of Lowton, at Banjul in Gambia in 2006.

Jabbie, who is an African citizen, only spoke to confirm his name and date of birth and he now remains in custody.

He is also charged with breaking immigration laws by obtaining leave to remain in the UK and passing that right onto another person.

The case was adjourned to November 15 for committal.

Well, if only for the well-being of possible Wigan sexual partners (unlikely, I'd suggest given her tastes) I hope Sharon Southwood has had the minimal good sense to get herself HIV tested,  and also that any possible future sexual partners of hers, have the minimal good sense to ask for a sight of the certificate beforehand.

Wonder if she is facing prosecution too? She ought to be.

And best if he goes straight from prison to deportation, accompanied by whoever he brought here with him.

Oh - and how about a thorough investigation of the money that changed hands ... for tax purposes if for no other reasons.



Lomra Greener said...

Sorry to comment away from the subject matter, but have you had any problems with some interfering web application called 'dansguardian'?

Twice now they have refused to allow me to access your site.

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

I've not - I've just googled "dansguardian" here though...

Wikipedia quote:

DansGuardian must be installed on a Unix or GNU/Linux computer, such as a server computer; its filtering extends to all computers in an organization, including Windows and Macintosh computers. DansGuardian is used by schools, businesses, value-added Internet service providers, and others.[1]

Lomra Greener said...

Thanks, I can't find any evidence of this program on my pc - it just activates every so often. Not on any other site though, may be worth keeping an eye open for.

Thanks again.

Andyj said...

Lomra Greener,
Have a word with your ISP requesting the grounds for slander against this site...... Then Get rid of them.


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Thanks for the link the website says this "DansGuardian" will have to be manually loaded onto ones own ISP, whichever company you pay to use the internet, be it Sky, Virgin, AOL or TalkTalk etc.... it's been one of these companies decisions to use DansGuardian. For whatever reasons?

Has anyone else on here had problems with DansGuardian blocking their access?

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Sorry, it should be thanks for the link Andyj...!!