Wednesday, 3 November 2010


The jailing of the attempted murderer of MP Stephen Timms by the muslim woman Chowdry and the eruption in court of her fanatical supporters in court who shouted "Britain go to hell" and "Allah Akbar" or whatever these nutters do shout shows what a cancer we/they have allowed to infect our land.
This ignorant bitch even refused to recognise the authority of our court system, having received an education and benefits paid for by us.
She was annoyed at Timms's support for the Iraq war. So are we but this is not the way to show your protest.

I and millions of other Brits are annoyed at this misguided MP and his party allowing scum such as this to live in our country but we do not take violent action. Indeed if we protest as did her supporters in court today no doubt we would have been arrested as members of the BNP have been in the past for far less.
Our government seems to fear these anti British fanatics and appeases them and their ilk whenever possible.
Even the present LIBCON government is just as bad as shown by the promotion of the never elected gobby Warsi. It seems that this terrorist was training to be a teacher. No doubt she would have been welcomed with open arms as an indication of diversity and allowed to spread her anti British filth to gullible children.
Being a member of the BNP of course is not now allowed for a teacher, but supporting violence and terrorism is. No BNP teacher has ever pushed his views on to his pupils, nor been involved in violence. He would know that only Marxist and alien views are allowed an airing in schools and so they keep quiet.
The person? this would be murderer followed was the above ugly sod, the American born Anwar al Alawi,(If I've got his name wrong, no apologies) who repaid his country of birth by attacking it first at home and now in Yemen. It demonstrates that however much you give those following this alien creed it is never enough and they will NOT assimilate. Where they are born does not matter their loyalties are always to their primitive and barbaric creed and the ugly bu**ers who practice it. (Perhaps their ugliness is the reason for their religion forbidding the drawing of the face and making the women cover their faces with a black shroud and the men with beards)
These creatures do not want to be part of our society and live in harmony with us. They want to take over and have done so in parts of our inner cities. They are as unmixable with us as water and oil and will always be a threat.
Now back to the misguided Mr Timms.
Yesterday he was in Downing Street posing with the next generation of black crows.
Can he not see that his and his party's policies were the cause of his stabbing. In a way he brought it on himself through his naivety and trust.
Many of these people are savages who can not be appeased. Any appeasement is seen as a sign of weakness and they capitalise on it.
Civilised people and muslims can never mix as is shown by the conflicts wherever civilisation and islam are in contact all over the world.
Of course all peoples and religions have equal entitlements but history tells us that islam and modern society can not co exist, and without their oil they would have as much influence as a medieval monarchy.
Those muslims who vociferously protest at our system should be deported IMMEDIATELY to a muslim country. That way they can live under the benefits of Sharia Law and the medieval society they so desire and we would sleep safer in our beds.
Until we rid ourselves of this plague we will never be safe.

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