Tuesday, 21 September 2010


....so 95% have to comply with the "diversity" needs of just 5%?

I hope they've taken steps to cope with the rider on the pale horse ... because I think he's coming to town. They seem to have learned that they can mess with US as much as they like and we just take it - our kids are a different matter.

Where were all the councillors when this decision was being made behind the backs of the public? Didn't they realise this'll make Muslims about as popular as a pork chop at a Muslim wedding?

We are governed by mongs.

Read it here......Wigan Today - School Meals Storm Brewing



Silly Kuffar said...

We may have to start a Campaign against Metrofresh, whose offices are at the COUNCIL OFFICES IN ORRELL.
Just in case anyone was wondering where they were located.

Owd Git said...

Feeding our kids this sort of meat is very similar to feeding the rest of us on the bulls**t they have giving us for years. Political correctness gone mad. Cater for the minority or you may be called the R word.

I thought that it was a legal requirement that all animals slaughtered for food in this country be killed in the most humane way possible, not the most barbaric. If I am correct, is that only for the majority of us, or do the minority get to do whatever they want yet again? The animals should stand up for their humane rights.

Silly Kuffar said...

It was illegal to kill animals without stunning them first, but if you allow a medieval barbaric religion to call the shots then it's what they want they get, whether the majority wants it or not.
About time we put our foot down and hard.

Anonymous said...

The "Halal" way of slaughter is just sick - as per the video few posts above.

How come the "Anti's" don't jump on this, like they did with hunting the "poor foxy-woxies, which do no harm"...?! Anything to do with the fact that it's a race-war, as oppose to a perceived class-war?

Lets put it this way - if any "Anti" has seen the damage first-hand a fox does to a farmer's livestock, then they would no longer be an "Anti"!