Tuesday, 21 September 2010


We are being fed Halal food without our permission, this Islamization via the back door is happening in the UK, I did not give anybody permission to supply me with Halal foodstuffs- cooked or uncooked...

... I know the barbaric way the animals are slaughtered is a strong concern, what I am more concerned about is the absolute underhanded way that this type of food has been introduced into the mainstream food supply .The  Daily Mail has led with the animal cruelty aspect of Halal, I suspect that going that route was safer than the overtly religious route. that being said, why should it be that a newspaper refrains from the obvious - simple - they will be taken to court for anti Muslim activities - McCarthyism lives in the UK

This situation has happened purely because the providers and retailers are scared of being seen as "Islamophobic" - not meeting the needs of a "minority" group so to be safe they inflict this type of food on everybody.

Sharia law is NOT the law of this land and there is no requirement on anybody to observe this barbaric legal system.
Whenever you go into Burger King or any restaurant we must now ask  "is this food Halal" I for one will do that and if the answer is yes I will walk out.

Parents must ask at their children's schools, football fans at the stadium and the traveling public must now ask their carrier - before they travel and request NON halal food. Ask in your local if their food is Halal - just ask everywhere you eat.



Have the powers-that-be EVER asked our permission over ANYTHING they've ever decided to do? Or have they always just gone right ahead and done it only for us to find out later when it's too late to prevent it?

It might be too late to prevent certain things ... not too late to reverse them though. If I was a Muslim I'd note the rising anger amongst the native population and be making moves to return to my country of family origin before the explosion of rage.

Yeah, ok - come and arrest me; I couldn't care a toss.



Silly Kuffar said...

I shall be asking that very same question next time I go to shopping, and asking it very loudly so the customers can hear.


One could have hoped for a more vigourous response from the RSPCA,but they too are running scared,they tell me that it is quite legal and there is nothing that they can do about it,but cruelty to animals is illegal no matter wether you have a political "indulgence" or not,this is part of the same story that began with seikhs exempted from wearing crash helmets,had we insisted upon our laws and our language back in the sixties we would not be here in this nightmare now.the rspca's begging letters go straight in the bin these days.

Owd Git said...

If this is legal, I don't suppose the moslems would object to pigs being slaughtered at the same time?

This is Britain. We (most of us) like to eat British food. Immigrants get used to it or bog off back where you came from. In a moslem country, I would expect to eat halal food. Why do immigrants never accord us the same courtesies that they demand in their own countries?

Anonymous said...

The RSPCA took a man to court for drowning a tree rat!!!
PC nonsense, the public hopefully are awakening.

Freeborn John said...

A vicar in Gloucestershire recently caught a tree rat in a humane trap after it had been gnawing through pipes in his loft, he then rang the RSPCA to see what to do about it.
They told him;
a. they weren't touching it themselves
b. if he let it go they'd prosecute him
c. if he killed it they'd prosecute him
They very helpfully suggested he pay somebody £70 to kill the tree rat for him...
Pan handling, will chasing tossers.