Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Do 'protestors' even know what's on their signs ?

I wonder if the UAF and their union friends really understand what they're on about.
Maybe we should ask them to explain themselves?
But I doubt they could. I wonder if they could actually elucidate what their hatred is about ?
Come on UAF, explain to me why the BNP are nazi ? fascists ? racists ?
We know you read our blog so please explain for those who cannot understand what your hatred is about.


Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Mr "Winkler" reminded me of Franzen, Hall et al; when asked why all the hatred he replied: "I'm a peaceful man" whilst his face was contorted with venom. And just like Mr "Winkler's" counterparts over here, he was unable to articulate just what he was ACTUALLY demonstrating against in principle.

Which is exactly akin to the likes again of Franzen & Hall and their insidious flock of rabble rousing middle-class apologists, infant school drop-outs, deadbeats, etc... and the assortment of violent (anti) social misfits and yet these so-called demostrators harboured more raging bigots, than you could ever imagined at any other political rally.

Quite odd.....isn't it?

Andy said...

Well said, my man from Leigh.

At one time it was the Gov't vs. the Unions.

Now its the Gov't employing the unions!

Good call. We already know the unions have always manipulated the lowest common denominator in society.


The commies do not want to debate anything,they have no need to,like muslims it is thier way or violence or death,and from thier emotional cesspit one can not expect rationality,since it is based upon the dubious premis that they know what is best for you,and that they are absolutely right.The best way to know what is right for people at large,is to ask what is right for me,and expand this to embrace them.