Saturday, 14 August 2010


The hastily awarded recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize before he had done anything Barak Obama has shown his true colours (no pun intended) in his speech at a White House dinner celebrating Ramadan when he backed the building of a mosque near to "Ground Zero".
Do they usually have Ramadan dinners at the White House? I have not heard of this event before. He has shown by this speech what we already know, that he is not a real American. The son of a Kenyan muslim who soon abandoned him (what a surprise!) who spent time in Indonesia but became the president of the USA mainly on the back of the black voters who voted 95% for him.
Strictly speaking there are doubts whether he is a true American. You need more than a Yankee accent.

Now I can understand blacks voting for one of their own. That's natural but it is still a racist way of voting.
What many of these black Christians did not appreciate was that Obama is in reality a muslim but after this speech they must surely realise that fact.

I, in my tolerant way hoped he would bridge the gap between the muslim and Western worlds and hopefully end the conflict between the two systems. He had been friendly with black Christian pastors but the relatonship was obviously built on race but not creed.
Many here not least the BBC and Guardianistas were thrilled to have a black man as President of the USA and indeed I had no great problem with that.
However after his speech he has been exposed as a wolf in sheep's clothing. He has shown where his true loyalties lie.

To support a mosque being built by Ground Zero, a site with huge emotional significance for the American people shows his lack of empathy with them and contempt for their values.
It is a demonstration of the creeping influence of islam.
For this winner of the peace prize to back this project is an insult to the American people and those who died in that islam perpetrated atrocity.

Perhaps it is not all bad. At least it will wake up the American people to the danger facing us all. I doubt if they will fall for his oratory and give him a second term, and we may get an American president who not only realises the danger of islam but does something about it.

Buildings can be demolished if necessary so in spite of the insult every cloud has a silver lining.

LET'S HOPE SO and the Americans see the danger.

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