Saturday, 14 August 2010


Here we go again. A picture taken from the WEP shows illegal immigrants in a load of motorbikes bound for Orrell caught by custom officers. I'm sure they would have added a much needed touch of "diversity" and "vibrancy" to our village life. How we have managed without them until now I don't know.
Five MEN from Afghanistan Iraq and Iran having travelled three thousand miles across muslim states, through Italy and France trying to smuggle themselves into Britain.
Are these the foreign experts we need to be able to compete internationally? They do not look as if they are.

Why have they crossed so many countries in an attempt to get here?
Why did they not stay in the first muslim country they came to, where they would have been in an environment where they would have felt more at home?
We of course get the usual sob stories they were being persecuted, their lives were in danger etc, etc.

Well what about the women and children they left behind? will they have been persecuted? If so it is a bit callous to leave these relatives behind.
Or were they trouble makers in their own countries? In which case we don't want them here.
Why did they not want to remain in France or Italy? It is simple. They are ATTRACTED here.
It's no good the government saying putting extra controls on the borders alone is enough. Yes that is vital but we must stop the attraction which in this case, money taken from the british people in taxes.

If you leave scraps of food around your house, inside or outside you will be troubled by rats and mice. They are ATTRACTED. Remove the attraction and you will not be bothered.
We should remove the attractions of our country which are obviously considerable or so many would not try to get here.
Yes I know we will have sob stories from immigrant supporting Lefties who say life in this country is hard for "refugees". It's obviously not hard enough to act as a deterrant not even with the Channel to hinder them. They don't try to go to Russia which is closer to their home countries and accesible by land, in fact as far as easy access is considered we are the most difficult country to get to.

Yes these people have been caught, but how many get through? How many are Wigan Metro housing under a different label? How many house must be built over our countryside to accomodate them?.How many of our jobs will they take?

So the answer, make this country as unattractive as say Syria or Italy or France and, PROBLEM SOLVED.
But will this spineless muslim appeasing Government ever do it?

YOU BET THEY WONT! because they are bent on destroying us and this is just one of their ways.

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