Saturday, 14 August 2010


This is the sort of woman who New Labour would hold up and declare her role model for her "CHARITY" work helping Homeless Foreigners, so much so she helped a Foreigner A Ms Carmen Nobre to stay in this country, inviting her to live in her home.

Suzy Butler and her son are camping in a friend’s garden after the 32-year-old’s former tenant allegedly refused to leave when they returned from Peru.

Ms Butler even required a police escort to get the tent from the home she has owned for five years – because of Carmen Nobre’s ‘squatter’s rights’.

‘I cannot believe my son and I are homeless while this woman is squatting in our house and there is nothing we can do about it,’ said Ms Butler.

‘She told me she had lost a lot of money on the stock exchange and she could not pay rent and would not be leaving.

‘I spend my life helping people who have been made homeless but never thought it would happen to me.’

Ms Butler let the home to Ms Nobre on a short-term agreement in February, before leaving for two months with four-year-old son Bruno.

She said the battle for the property in Hove, East Sussex, had cost her £1,000 in legal fees and the council and police had been unable to help.

Ms Nobre, who lives at the house with her daughter, has now been given two weeks to leave – but she could remain for months if the matter goes to court.

She declined to comment.

Maybe if she helped one of the many many homeless Indigenous Brits to stay this wouldn't have happened.
I have no-doubt this woman is a lefty and she deserves all she gets and I don't have agreat deal of sympathy for her.
She should actually have thought the safety of her sonr allowing a complete unkown foreigner (how do you know what her past was without having access to any records) to live with them.
Anyway, now she and her son can enjoy one of the benefits of letting the third world into their home.



Lomra Greener said...

No problem, it's all been said.

Hello British Lady.

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Glad to see Lomra,

Like , many others, WILL NOT BE SILECT, spread the word, ALL is not lost !