Sunday, 1 August 2010


I see that it is proposed that the cost of replacing and maintaining our Trident nuclear capability has been allocated to our defence buget. This could throw in doubt our continuing nuclear capability in the future.
Meanwhile we continue in unjust and unwinnable wars in which we have no national interest at great expense in lives and money.
It is even suggested we sell a submarine to INDIA to save costs. This, already a nuclear power in receipt of £millions in grants "ring fenced".
Our Party does not believe in expending moneyand lives in conflicts which are not our concern but WE DO BELIEVE in the defence of our country.

A nuclear capacity is a defensive capability. We hope never to have to use it but it will in the last resort be available for our defence.
That is why other countries want one.
Do you think we would have attacked Serbia or Iraq if they had been capable of nuclear retaliation? Not on your life.
Why are the Americans so frightened of the basket case of North Korea.? They are an industrial minnow BUT they have a nuclear weapon.

Yes we must save money in the forces as well as in other areas but we must NEVER compromise our security.

So how to square this circle and keep us safe.
1 STOP FOREIGN AID especially to rich nuclear armed countries such as India.

2 Bring our troops back from Afganistan, save our boys and money, and then we would have sufficient funds to pay for the protection of our country.

British governments are elected to look after the welfare of OUR PEOPLE and OUR SECURITY.

To do or think otherwise is a betrayal and a dereliction of duty.

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