Monday, 2 August 2010


I note the anger by Pakistan at David Cameron's statement in India that much terrorism originates in that country, some of it with the connivance of the Pakistani government.
I agree with Cameron. This is indeed the case but then you have to ask the cause and consequencies.

The major cause muslims attack us is that our troops are in their lands and I can sympathise with them for that. The reason we are there is to promote American financial and business interests and of course the unconditional support the USA gives to Israel's aggressive policies.
Today in the papers it is written that America has a programme in place to attack Iran if they refuse to halt their nuclear project. Note the contrast with America's attitude to Israel's also illegal nuclear programme.
In diplomacy and internatonal relations the first thing one has to do is to understand the mindset of one's enemy.
If the West could understand the mindset of the muslims of the Middle East they would realise that no amounts of threats will make them accept western people or ideas.
They COULD perhaps be persuaded to accept the state of Israel if the Jews were more accomodating and helped rather than bombing them.
Make no mistake I detest the medieval muslim religion but if they practice their superstitious barbaric practices in their own countries it is not our problem.
Therein lies our difficulty.

Cameron annoys muslims abroad but appeases them here. He advocates having Turkey, a Fascist Stalinist state in the EU allowing millions of people who do not like our ways and more important US into our country. He promotes these anti British infiltrators to high office far above their capabilities who rule over us in our country.
If we protest we are hauled into court and penalised for our objections (and this in a country which supposedly cherishes free speech) and convicted of a "Hate Crime", an obvious oxymoron as I have not heard of a "Love Crime".
I will say this now. I hate the muslim religion in MY country. I don't hate muslims but I HATE their dominance in our society.
I HATE the way these intolerant followers of the garbage which is islam have taken over large parts of many British towns.

AND I HATE MOST OF ALL the politicians such as Cameron who bewail terrorism abroad but are complicit in importing people who not only support terrorists but are terrorists.
Yes the police try to keep an eye on them but we pay for that.

How much easier cheaper and safer for us would it be if we had no muslims in our country.
We managed without them before and they have nothing to contribute to our culture.
AND how much safer would we be if we ceased being America's and Israel's poodle and ceased having our young lads killed in an unwinnable war, not to mention the justified resentment and hatred the muslims have for us after their loved ones have been killed and so exact their revenge in bomb attacks here.
There have been no such attacks recently? No but that is more on account of good luck and great expense in the security services we must fund.

When a Prime Minister can not see his folly what hope is ther for the average person.


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As far as any western european administration is concerned,there is only the nwo/bilderburg/cfr/pilgrim agenda,if we look around europe,is it not very peculiar,that there is not one administration that is not communist controlled,certainly within half a billion people there should be statistically,which leads to the conclusion that all opposition is being suppressed,and this is not entirely the effect of the eussr,indeed it has been mooted that the Americans want a single block composed of europe and north america,but in this the white race can have no confidence in its survival,for our enemies drug is power and it cares nothing for culture,history or tradition,and this is where the alliegance of the astor cameron truly lies.