Saturday, 31 July 2010


David Cameron's apologies to India for past wrongs perpetrated by our (his?) ancestors is following a trend set by Tony Blair when he apologised on behalf of the English people for the Irish potato famine in 1845. Blair seemed to forget, or was it just political expediency that the majority of those on behalf of those he apologised had Irish blood in them. It was like apologising to your great Grandad because he had not enough to eat. It had nothing to do with the present British population, indeed if I go back in my family my great grandfather who started as a pit blacksmith became a contractor and gave poor Irish people a job and gave two shelter in his house, so no apology from me.
Similarly an apology for slavery. We stopped it. I await an apology from those who sold their people into slavery as the slavers bought slaves from African people. I note no apologies from Arabs who perhaps still practice slavery. I also note that those who wish for an apology do not hasten to return to their African paradise,(Sierra Leone anyone?)

I await an apology from Cameron for the wealth his family and friends gained out of the sweat of the industrial poor 150 years ago. Children working down mines and mills 12 hours per day often injured or killed by machinery or roof falls, and their parents similarly exploited for his rich forebears. My wife's grandfather was killed in the pit, no apology for that so I don't think she owes anybody an apology. If one died, no matter, there were plenty more for hire, not like slaves who were property and whose loss had a cost.

Lest this seems a left wing diatribe remember Karl Marx who had his privelidged life of idleness and contemplation in the British Museum while he contemplated the oppression of the proletariat subsidised by his friend Friedrich Engels off the backs of the Salford mill workers who toiled to make his profits. I bet most of the Communists don't realise that.
The ordinary people of Britain have always been as exploited as any other and often more and the elite presume to apologise for their own past misdeeds on their behalf.

Apologies for recent wrongs are a different matter.

Will the Tories under Maggie Thatcher apologise for destroying our coal industry, shipbuilding and other industries.
Will the City of London apologise for their selling off our assets abroad for their obscene bonuses?
Ted Heath is dead so can't apologise for conning us into joining the EU but will those in his party apologise for taking us deeper into that undemocratic morass.

Will the Communists in the unions apologise for destroying much of our industry by needless strikes?
Will the present cohort of communist union leaders apologise to the people of Salford for their betrayal of British workers for their support of immigrant labour taking their jobs and culture?
Is this what the workers of Salford get after their ancestors slaved to make Engles's profits get, to have these so called saviours of the proletariat take their identity and livelyhood away?
Did the people who voted New Labour vote to have massive immigration forced upon them and be placed at a disadvantage to these newcomers by "positive discrimination"?

Yes I believe there are many apologies which should be made by those of both major parties and the most important apology which I want is--

AN APOLOGY FOR DESTROYING MY COUNTRY which my forebears worked so hard to make, but I'll not hold my breath.

Hopefully someday you will be forced to apologise for the wrongs you have inflicted on the BRITISH people.


Rijker said...

The time has come ....

Andy said...

That arrested fellow looked a little too gormless and unprepared to be one of those ENA lot.

I totally endorse this. That professional groveller (Cameron) should apologise for taking away all we have built and attained.


They will apologise,shortly before thier execution.

Silly Kuffar said...

Cameron must have a guilty conscience as 'Cameron's great-great-grandfather was a British cavalryman who mercilessly helped suppress the Indian Mutiny' it's in an article in the Sunday Times. Apparently he nearly lost a hand and an ear in the put down of the Indian mutiny and he also hanged quite afew Indian Civiliand in what would today be called a WAR CRIME.