Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Last week Cameron was suggesting making people who had got better jobs or whose children had left home pushed out of their council houses to make way for those in "greater need" that usually is immigrants with large families.

Yesterday he suggested encouraging new house building by local authorities by giving them the equivalent of 6 years council taxes.

Today we read that one in fifteen council houses is given to immigrants and statistics show that 100,000 new houses per year will be needed for immigrants alone.

When will this nonsense stop?

When will the government see that building over our countryside spoils our country and can not go on for ever?.
The government also says building should be on "brownfield sites". What exactly are these?
They are places where people once worked and now are derelict following Thatcher's policies destroying industry and Labour's globalisation policies.
So we either build over places where we worked or our countryside. Either way it is a disaster for our overcrowded island, the most densely populated country in Europe.

Yes, we have many of our own who need housing but if the 3 million who have colonised us in the last thirteen years were in their own countries there would be no pressure on houses or land.

Wigan Metro denies housing immigrants in council houses. Well some of the people in these houses don't look or sound like Wiganers.
I know many are housed in private accomodation. The landlords know all the rent will be paid on time and these houses are often hired by the authorities for a long period and are lucrative business models for greedy landlords who put their profits before the nation's good. Also Wigan Metro can then claim they are not in council houses.

An item in the news recently in the Russian spy case suggests a solution. The spy Mrs Chapman had her British nationality taken from her. If they can do that so easily it can be done with recent colonisers after the illegals have been deported.
Think how many houses would be released for British people.Think of how much countryside would be saved.
Will the government see sense and do it? Will they hell. Cameron is still sucking up to these outsiders in order to boost his popularity among them and will renage on his promise to limit immigration.
Even his biggest donor , the ex pat Lord Ashcroft has criticised the Tory manifesto saying they would have won if they had been seen to be tougher on immigration.

There is definitely an ulterior motive to destroy our country by this privelidged toff. But what goes round comes round and he and his party will reap their just deserts, but how many will be hurt in the future turmoil he is complicit in causing?

I hope he is around to reap his reward.

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Silly Kuffar said...

WMBC may say they do not house Asylum seekers/refugees in Public housing (Council houses).

Yet how many Ex-Asylum seekers/Refugees who have been given entitlement to stay have WMBC housed ?

I see them everyday in the Maisonettes near me, African, Asian etc when w eknow their are HOMELESS INDIGENOUS BRITS on the streets of Wigan, but WMBC refuses to look after them.