Tuesday, 10 August 2010


(Picture - Anjem Choudry, a TRUE PIG)


The company, which joined London's Aim stock market in June, gained European approval for its “dCELL vascular patch”, which repairs damaged veins and valves. At present, surgeons use synthetic materials, but Tissue Regenix’s patch is derived from pig tissue.

The company’s technology then strips away all animal cells, creating a “biological scaffold” that can be implanted in the human body permanently. The vein then regenerates and repairs itself around this “scaffold”, removing the need for patients to take anti-rejection drugs
Antony Odell, Tissue’s managing director, said the approval was “very much a milestone” for the company
Now this could be excellent news for our Old Folk and those who may need Vein or Valve repairs, but I see a rather large wall it's going to crash right into.
And that wall will be MUSLIM DOCTORS and NURSES.
Muslims see Pigs as dirty filthy disgusting animals, they will certainly not touch any pork or pig product.

I can see it now, Lying on an operating table in theatre lies a British pensioner who maybe having problems with their Heart Valves, Nitral valve etc, The first part of the operation has been successful then it comes to the replacement PIG part, all of a sudden the Muslim Doctor/Surgeon walks out screaming that he has been racially abused and would not re-enter the Operating theatre until the offending PIG material is removed. By this time the patient is DEAD.

Not quite a bizarre scenario as you may think, most of our Doctors/Surgeons are Non-Indigenous and mainly Asian of the Mohammedan faith.
And we know how sensetive these little bastards are when it comes to upsetting Mohammed and the Medical PIG Material will, I have no doubt, cause quite a storm amongs the Mohammedan Doctors and Nurses.
Never mind the Hypocratic oath eh, sod the Kuffar patients, WE (Mohammedan Doctors/Nurses) ARE NOT WORKING WITH PIG MATERIAL due to our 'FAITH'.

Also, some of the Mohammedans may even have to have these sorts of operations where PIG PARTS are placed inside their bodies.
I wonder how they are going to work around this one.

Excellent, Sharia law could use some of this, chop the hands off thieves and replace them with PIGS TROTTERS.

Let's wait and see what happens.


Lanky Patriot said...

Before modern synthetic insulin was perfected diabetics had to use insulin derived from the pancreasses of pigs.
Many muslims used this insulin unknowingly so perhaps that means no virgins in Heaven for them.

Silly Kuffar said...

Maybe they're using Pig Hymens to restore the Virginity ? Of the Muslim Pigs. No wonder they need to hide behind a Burqa, either they are so embarrassed or they are PIG ugly.

Anonymous said...

Proves, they are two faced,
simple as.

Lets not insult Pigs, they are very
intellegent members of the animal society.

AS, are Dogs, which the Muslims,

Anonymous said...

Silly Kuffar,

Those, wearing the full Burqa,

are, in Most Wigan peoples eyes,


Wigan Women taken in, by these

visitors, take a look in the pram,

then the Mother, often not the most

good looker, and the Father a foreigner.

My good friend, 35 years ago, fell for this, good looking dark, haired, plenty money, she had three children, he moved them off to his Mother In Iragi, Shelia. the Mother, decendeced into alcololicm.

IF, I went to a Moslim land,

and walked around half naked ( Bikini )

I would be arrested and deported,

The Burqa, offends me, in my own


Anonymous said...

They are just pig-ignorant,i'd rather have a pig anyday.

Lomra Greener said...

I agree with BL, and I think this is an insult to pigs!!!!