Monday, 9 August 2010


Statewatch, the civil liberties body that monitors the EU, has gained access to Council of Ministers Conclusions that reveal that Brussels now want law enforcement agencies in its member countries to build lists of political activists as part of a 'systematic data collection'.

Those responsible in the member countries for acquiring the information on 'agents of radicalisation' have been sent, by the EU, a 'data compilation instrument' that includes a list of 70 questions they are requested to answer.

This involves discovering who targeted activists socialise with, family members, psychological traits, religious affiliation, activities, economic status and, very revealingly, 'oral comments' - presumably ascertained through phone taps.

What actually constitutes being considered to be an 'agent of radicalisation' is not defined to any degree of detail and leaves open the door to wide categories of people finding themselves of potential interest to EU agencies.

The EU documents refer to 'extreme right/left, Islamist, nationalist, anti-globalisation' groups as some of those qualifying for surveillance. Europol, the EU's fledgling FBI equivalent, will pull together the information gathered at the member state level.

This move by the EU to document and keep under surveillance political activists follows on from the establishment of Project Indect which York University and the Police Service of Northern Ireland are spearheading in the UK with £10m of Brussels funding.

When will people waken up to the EU's destruction of our freedoms?
Spread the link far and wide. Like-minded people on the European mainland need to know about this too.


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Lanky Patriot said...

It's not often I'm on the same side of the Chakrabati woman but she is right this time.
We are free people in a free country or so we were brought up to believe, so I will continue to exercise my right to free speech on this blog.
We are not and never would come under the category of terrorists and indeed see ourselves as the defenders of our people and land.
However for all their best efforts they will find nothing to pin on me as I have a clean record, apart from a fine for not having a dog licence thirty years ago.

This blog may be monitored, but all articles on it are IN THE INTERESTS of our country and would never support anything which would do our country harm.

So to the people who may be monitoring us here WE ARE THE TRUE BRITISH and my message to you is F**k you, we will carry on whatever you do.