Thursday, 12 August 2010


It's not often I agree with the President of Iran or any of his co religionists but I have to this time.
He said we were a bunch of thick people ruled by a mafia.

He is right. We must be thick to allow so many of his co religionist into our land to subvert it.
Yes the majority of us must be thick to allow us to be ruled by as the President said a mafia.
A mafia committed to allowing our country to be destroyed by immigrants from muslim lands and to allow ourselves to be second class citizens in our own country and whose interests are those of global bankers.

In these matters we are surely thick.
I must disagree with him on other matters however.
He said we plundered the world for 500 years.
No we educated the world in the last 500 years but he and his muslim people have been too tied to their primitive religion to learn.
Before islam Arabs were cultured astronomers (admittedly easier in the desert in the absence of clouds) but they did display great abstract thought and deduction.
Since the disaster of islam they have been sidelined and only kept influence by breeding.
The oil in their lands was there all the time but who found it? Who worked out what to do with it? Who invented the machines to use it?
Not muslims for sure. They were too busy praying to their medieval God and reading their "sacred" book.
They invented NOTHING and but for the oil under muslim lands they would have been as poor as they were before.
When it runs out it will be back to square one, that's Allah.

Contrary to what he says we DO have natural resources. We have enough coal for 250 years and iron and tin and fish (if we can get our fisheries back from the EU).
We also have our biggest asset.
We are not muslim, so we can think and invent unhindered by this primitive cult.
And if we can resist the alien invaders who flock to our shores from all over the world (including his country, I wonder why?) there is no reason that we can not prosper.

It reminds me of the song, slightly different.
"We got along before we met you and we can get along without you now.

AND WE WILL PROSPER without you and yours, if our mafia lets us.

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