Friday, 13 August 2010


The horrific floods continue apace in Pakistan causing havoc among the displaced people.
They were poor to start with and now many have nothing and face famine, and yet Western aid has been less than in previous disasters. We sympathise but do not give.

Why could that be? Could it be that Western people do not really like Pakistanis or muslims in general.
They have had enough cause.
We have been insulted and discriminated in our own land by people of Pakistani origin and threatened and exposed to terror attacks by people of that religion and country.
We are called infidel dogs and our women whores as well in spite of the aid which we have generously given over the years. This latter has been spent on nuclear arms while the majority of the people remain in poverty.
Muslims in general have caused trouble in many countries, the Phillipines, Indonesia, Uganda Sudan, Albania, Chechnya, China, Malaysia, Nigeria etc, and there are many more.
Whenever the islamic religion comes in contact with non islamic people there seems to be strife.
And they wonder why we don't like them?

Perhaps some of the wealthy Arab billionaires could contribute more. They have gained their wealth by sitting on top of oil wells and used our technology to extract it, but still they hate us and call us thick infidels.
But when things go wrong in their countries it is always to us they call for help. The muslim countries contribution to the Haiti earthquake was minimal in spite of Arab wealth.
The fact that a charity in this country is called islamic relief betrays their sentiments, help muslims but don't bother about infidels. BTW Christian aid helps all irrespective of religion and that is the difference.
I suggest wealthy muslims all over the world including Britain give generously to the relief but why should British people on low incomes in this country contribute when their own elite contribute so little. There are many other good causes.

I heard on the television today some of those flooded out saying it was God's punishment. Perhaps He does not like the muslim religion.

To finish, if you want help in future get people to like you. Do not be so aggessive or threaten to take over other's countries and then you may be given more help by the infidels you so despise.
But for now there are plenty rich muslims so get them to put their money where your mouths are.

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Freeborn John said...

In 2005 there was an earthquake disaster in Kashmir, Pakistan. International aid of over £3.5 billion pounds was donated to help the victims and rebuild the region, an incredible two thirds of this is estimated to have never reached the area which remains largely in ruins to this day.
That's what Pakistan does with aid money, pockets it.
Thinking of donating? Don't get fooled again...