Wednesday, 11 August 2010


The news that a new "superbug" originating in India comes as no surprise considering the state of public health infrastructure and increasing population in that country.
The fact that it has now appeared here is also no surprise given the frequency of foreign travel between our two countries. If true it is another example of the downsides of Globalisation the globalisation of disease.

It is said that it has the potential to cause a pandemic of E coli infections which are antibiotic resistant and that more funds are needed to research this disease.
I hope this is not true but allow me some scepticism.

We have been here before.
Only last week the "swine flu" epidemic was stated to be over after our government spent £ 1 billion on drugs and immunisation prevention for the disease which never happened.
Previously the SARS virus was going to kill us all.
Before that millions of people were going to die as a result of "New Variant CJD" as a result of people eating BSE infected meat. When the death numbers did not match the predictions it was stated more funds were needed to research future risks.

Now I know we have to be careful but after all these false alarms can we be sure they are not "crying wolf" in order to gain more funding?
It was done on the three examples above and vast amounts of money and drug companies profits are at stake.

The fact that the week after we are given "the all clear" on one disease another raises its ugly head seems to me too much a coincidence.
Or am I being too cynical? I hope not.


Silly Kuffar said...

It's more likely to be theWHO and Big Pharma industries will keep creating these non existant threats to humankind and we keep payong them until we decide we don't need them, then the real threat will be released so we go begging WHO and Big Pharma to help.

The WHO can only cry wolf so many times before people stop believing, then they need a way back in and can force the hand.

Nah, they wouldn't do that........would they ?

Leigh, Lancashire Nationalist said...

Just how new this "NEW" superbug is Lanky is anyones guess?

I've just done a google search and found that virtually about this time last year to the day the Daily Mail ran this story :

"Patients bring new drug-resistant superbug into UK after surgery abroad"

By Nick Mcdermott on 14th August 2009

"Many of those contracting the superbug, which produces an enzyme that destroys even the most powerful antibiotics, have had cosmetic surgery, liver and kidney transplants in India and Pakistan."

Read more:

And quite obviously as Lanky states, we still had the "sound the death knell" for humanity ringing in our ears last year from the previously pandemics that was going to wipe us of the face of the earth as we knew it!

So, it was never going to strike a chord with the "sheeple" last year - there's only so much concerted effort we can apportion in worrying about dying some horrible death at any one time!

Biding their time they have now seized on the window of opportunity! So, after just a week without my industrial sized's now back on with a hurried thrust along with my sexy decontamination suit and a fresh box of Lemsips!


This agenda is taken from the iron mountain report,with several communist additions,population reduction being one of them,they have cried wolf so many times that i think they are setting us up for a big one, a real one,in any event the industrial/military complex has as its main aim keeping its subjects in a state of perpetual fear and anxiety,for frightened people are easier to condition,and since we have no power as we refuse to unite,we are at thier "mercy"and can only await the manner of our deaths with resignation.

Silly Kuffar said...

Were all DOOMED and going to DIEEEeeee...

The BBC are also into a bit of scare the death out of 'em brigade, this time using the Global warming/Climate Change or 'Weather' as we doomed mortals prefer to call it ...

"Climate change 'will increase heart deaths'"


Dear Deidrie, the temperature keeps changing everyday in this country by quite a few degrees....I think I better make some sort of provisions for my death as according to the beeb as soon as the sun comes out, when it's gets cloudy and the temperature drops and by the sound of the article as soon I get into a hot bath the temperature difference is going to kill me.....What should I do ?
Please help,

Smelly, Confused and scared to death,

Lomra Greener said...

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