Sunday, 11 July 2010


The Electoral Commission today published the list of major donations to Labour Leadership candidates in June, for which they are the regulators, and it shows just how much David Miliband has been bank-rolled by a few big donors.

Media baron Waheed Ali and David Claydon have each donated £50,000, Lord David Sainsbury £31,188 (including the use of offices), Mishcon de Reya £13,077 in legal services and £10,000 each from filmaker David Putnam, IT mogul Lord Parry Mitchell and businessman Sir Sigmund Sternberg, over £185,000 in donations over £1500 plus a further 94 smaller donations which do not have to be declared but to which David did refer in a blog curiously entitled “I want to make the Labour Party a Fighting Machine against the Tories“.

The two Eds are just small fry in comparison: brother Ed declared just five donors of £5000 or less, and Ed Balls just two, just short of £15,000 from popular author, Ken Follett, husband of ex-MP Barbara, and £12,925 from John Spellar MP. Andy Burnham and Diana Abbott are yet to register any donations.


This just go's to show how far away from the Working Classes New labour have moved.

Surely these "SOCIALIST" millionaires, quite a few of "Foreign" extraction would be better giving away their WEALTH to the needy.

After all, isn't that what "SOCIALISTS" are supposed to do, look after the little people, those less well off than themselves ?

What do these "SOCIALIST MILLIONAIRES" get out of it ? Are they "SOCIALISTS" ?

It's never those with the fortunes who suffer from the SOCIALIST experiments, nor live in a "Multicultural" (VIOLENT) environment.

I'm sure Lord Putnam could donate a few million to help save some of the FRONT LINE service cuts. Due to his partys TRAITOROUS leadership of the country.

I won't hold my breath.

Maybe he could make a film called "Lessons will be learned".

In the style of say a Norman Wisdom film (comedy of errors) or the Ealing Comedies of the 50s and 60s.

David Milliband could be the Norman Wisdom Character, with Tony Bliar as "Mr Grimsdale". Their characters being Marxist Union Bosses.

You know the sort of film, the Wealthy Elite oppressing the downtrodden workers.

Gordon Brown could play the part of the bigoted harrassed boss of a successful business empire who hasn't a clue how to run it, and leaves the work to Tony and David, who haven't a clue either.

The main thrust being the downfall of a highly succesful business which they see as being "TOO WHITE" , too INDIGENOUS.

David and Tony want to try a Marxist experiment to bring the business into the "Multi Cultural" world. With White workers laughingly put on the dole in favour of Minorities under a new scheme called "POSITIVE DISCRIMINATION". it's not RACIST at all, HONEST.

Between them they manage to bring down a mighty thriving empire and leave it in complete ruins.

The ending of the film could see the Biogot, Gordon Brown standing amongst the rubble of his ruined empire and Tony and David walking away into the sunset, (followed by the Multi Cultural non-white workers) to find another place to destroy.

Oh how we laughed



Yes Morg, Milliband has a face you just want to punch. A lot.

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