Sunday, 11 July 2010


I know Dr David Kelly was murdered and have said so from the start.
The cover up at the hastily convened inquest and the prohibition of its conclusions for 70 years just adds to the evidence that there are things those in power want kept secret.


The slit wrist. To slit one's wrist in order to bleed to death the radial artery must be cut. That is the artery above the thumb, the one they take your pulse with. It is the one someone wanting to slit his wrist would naturally use. Try it yourself (not with a knife of course but with a pencil or stick) . The instrument is naturally drawn across this major hand artery.
The fact that Dr Kelly was supposed to have cut his ulnar artery on the opposite side of the wrist which lies much deeper and is much smaller shows that a cut there to be very unlikely and in any event as the artery is very small and a cut would not have caused death even if the hand had been immersed in water.

Now to the tablets. Co Proxamol or Distalgesic as they are known.
It is said he took one third of the lethal dose and the combination of this and his cut artery would have killed him.
NO The two do not add up. Pain killers are often given to people with serious injuries involving blood loss but do not result in death, so the combination could NOT have caused his death.

Well who killed him? That we do not know. First of all we know it was not somebody medically trained especially somebody with the slightest knowledge in forensic science.

Secondly we do know that some people in high places do not want the truth to come out, hence the cover up for 70 years. Also the family of Dr Kelly have been peculiarly silent over this matter. Have they been gagged in some way?
There are many who would want him silenced from dissident Iraqis and government agents and we will possibly be always kept in the dark.

Why do I bring it up now? First of all it was in the papers last week, but the main reason is that there are hidden agendas, concealed from the people by those in power who will not shy from crime and sometimes murder to achieve their ends.
It puts in perspective the attacks on our party by the State and media who, while willing to consort with the murderers of the IRA or Gadaffi persecute our party and members because of the threat of us exposing their treachery.

That is why we must bury our minor differences and pull together for the sake of our country as only we will expose the truth.

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